Thursday Things


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Here are this week’s Thursday Things:

1. The Huffington Post ran a featured titled Coconut Dessert Recipes For Cookies, Cakes, and More

And they showcased my Mounds Bar Chocolate Coconut Cake Mix Cookies (Slide 1 in the slideshow)

Mounds Bar Chocolate Coconut Cake Mix Cookies on slideshow

2. I saw Shelly discuss her kitchen favorites and she mentioned she loves her Butter Bell because it keeps butter fresh at room temperature for 30 days, without refrigeration.

The Original Butter Bell Crock advertisement blue container

How does it work?

The Secret to Fresh Creamy Butter is in the Airtight Seal article

I honestly still don’t really get how this works. I’m in Aruba right now and cannot imagine leaving butter out for a day, let alone a month. If anyone has one of these and wants to elaborate more on it, I’m all butterfingers ears.

3. Have to sign a document but don’t want to print, scan, or fax it? Or if you’re like me, don’t own a printer/faxer/scanner that works.

You can sign it using built-in software from your Mac

Signature capture tab on computer

Here’s what you do (From this site):

  • Launch Preview, and from the Preview menu select “Preferences”
  • Click on “Signatures” and then “Create Signature”
  • Write your signature on a piece of white paper and hold it up to the camera, try to have it somewhat straight on the blue line and watch the “Signature Preview” pane until you are satisfied with the way it looks
  • Click on “Accept” to capture the digital signature

To use it

How to sign a pdf instructional screenshot

If you have Windows, use this signature service

4. Yonanas Banana Softserve maker

Freeze bananas, put them in the chute, plunge, and out comes softserve.

Yonanas Banana Softserve maker flyer

5. Or just make your own banana softserve (vegan, GF) in a blender or food processor. So easy.

Or add some avocado for Vanilla Banana Avocado Softserve – It doesn’t taste like avocados in a savory way; just super creamy and rich. Trust me on this one.

Vanilla Banana Avocado Softserve

6. Pinpuff – There’s a coolness score for everything now, including how cool you are on Pinterest


Calculate your pinfluence and sign up for perks - Pinterest popularity

7. The Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market – This alone would be worth a trip to NYC

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market advertisement

Crates stacked on top of each other, necklaces, and shoes

8. Candles are expensive and every time I buy a good one, I think why am I doing this?

Now I don’t feel so bad because this Jo Malone Orange Blossom Luxyry Candle is $400.

The scent of clementine leaves in the morning dew sparkles above a heart of orange blossom and water lily, transporting the wearer to a garden oasis. With a stunning bouquet lit across four wicks, the Orange Blossom Luxury Candle envelops a room and lingers for hours to create an ambience of warmth, sophistication and style. It is the ultimate luxury. Candle burn time is 230 hours.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Luxyry Candle

Jo Malone anything smells so fabulous  and they do have cheaper candles and room sprays, lotions, soaps, cologne, and tons of things to keep you broke smelling great.

9. Collapsible Beater Whisk, $18

I think I need this, just for the colors

Collapsible Beater Whisk

10. I’ve been staring at the ocean and loving every tranquil moment.

Sandy Beach looking over ocean with ships

What are your Thursday Things?

If you’ve made anything, done, seen, or bought anything fabulous, feel free to link it up in the comments.

If you have any idea how the Butter Bell works, if you think you need a special device to make softserve (I don’t, just use a blender) or have been to any cool flea markets or on any fun trips, tell me about it.

Thanks for the Bella Bars Giveaway entries

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  1. Wow, Congratulations on the Huffington Post inclusion, Averie! I’m in Africa at the moment and agree that I can’t imagine leaving butter out right now :)

    1. Wow you are on QUITE a trip! Hope you’re having the time of your life – and yes, leaving butter out here on the Equator, just can’t fathom it!

  2. Congratulations on the Huffington Post nod! You are awesome. Those cookies are awesome!

    As for butter, I never put mine in the fridge. When I get home from the store, I put it in the butter dish and it stays out until it is gone. It has never molded and no one has ever been sick. That is how my mom did things all growing up and I have always done that and my boys eat butter every single day. I cannot imagine having to cut into hard butter to butter their bagels or pancakes. :-)

    1. Thanks for LMK about how you’ve done it and I think my grandma left butter out til it was gone. Maybe she’d refrigerate it every now and then? But by and large, I always remember a stick of butter in a covered little dish. Trying to spread hard butter on toast or bagels is the worst – yes!

  3. My parents and my sister both have butterbells. They work. They look pretty on the table. They enable my mom to put real butter instead of fake on her toast. I don’t know how long it lasts; my parents haven’t had that problem, but i think my sister had. And my dad’s a chef, so he knows what he’s talking about, right?

  4. I have had and used a butter bell for YEARS. I can remember my grandmother leaving a stick of butter out on the counter in a clear glass butter dish. The butter bell seems a little more sanitary than that LOL. Great blog.

  5. The butter bell is interesting, I have never seen it before.

    Congrats on your feature on The Huffington Post, that must be so exciting for you :)

  6. I want one of those butter bells. Something like that my grandmother use to keep her butter in, and it was so delicious all the time! A spread of the silky butter on a freshly baked bread… mmm… Thanks for the link! :) What are my Thursday things? I am staring at the ocean with you! :)

  7. Since I won the Cascadia Farms cereal, I whipped up a granola peanut butter quick bread tonight. I just flew by the seat of my pants and figured as long as my wet/dry ingredient ratio was about right and the bread rose, I was golden….and it is! Most importantly, it tastes good too. Sounds like you are enjoying some peace and happiness in Aruba! It’s nice Skylar doesn’t start school until Sept. Our schools start back mid August and my stepdaughter starts college Aug. 20.

    1. that bread sounds awesome!! i love it when things like that just come together and totally work – without overthinking it!

  8. Congrats on having your recipe featured!
    I used to live right by the Hells Kitchen Flea Market, and it really is as ridiculously awesome as it appears.

  9. Those cookies look INSANE. I want one.

    I had a crappy day today … learned a bit about who is a true friend and who is not. Not fun, but I guess it is a good thing I learned. Hopefully Friday is better :-)

  10. I find it surprising how much I use my fax machine, just don’t ask me how to use my scanner ;) That Pinpuff thing is cool, but I’m afraid I don’t need it to tell my how uncool I am on Pinterest.

    1. I used to use our fax machine quite a bit but have had to just…stop. Since it’s on the fritz and I refuse to buy another one. I am forcing myself to just be paperless!

  11. $400 for a candle? I think I almost fell out of my chair! That butter thing really freaks me out too. But that’s mostly because I like my butter, condiments and even nut butters super cold so that they slowly melt onto whatever hot thing I’m putting them on. Mmmmm

    1. The only thing I do like softened is butter. Everything else, I like cold – same principle as you described!

  12. congrats on being featured! that’s so exciting and definitely well deserved:) hope you’re enjoying paradise!

  13. I’ve seen the Yonanas thing at BB&B and I just roll my eyes.

    You need to get a Scentsy warmer! It is so much better than candles, especially with a child in the house. I leave mine plugged in 24 hours a day – no worries about burning the house down and everyone who walks into my house always comments about how great it smells. They have a ton of different vanilla combos too. I have black raspberry vanilla, sweet pea vanilla, cherry vanilla, and vanilla cream and that isn’t all the options. ;)

    Congrats on the HuffPo feature! You’re getting so famous!

    1. Lol on the last line. Yeah, when will the million dollar paychecks come rolling in? haha!

      I used to have a scentsy and lost it in a move a few yrs back….

  14. Ohmigosh Averie, where was this post yesterday??! :) I had to sign PDF forms for my new internship and it took me HOURS to write my signature, take a picture, pull it up to photoshop, edit, etc. etc. At least I have this for the future!!

    1. girl I was in SUCH a jam with needing a doc signed and had no fax/printer and it would have taken me way longer at kinkos to deal with it so i figured this out!

  15. Congratulations on your coconut dessert feature! And I want a butter bell so badly, my mom had one and they work great.

  16. You’re going to be taunting us nonstop for the next month huh? The butter crock is a neat idea but even when I leave butter out in the summer for baking purposes, eventually it starts to get greasy. Wouldn’t that happen in the crock? Does the water touch the butter?

    1. I am baffled by the thing – here in Aruba butter even in the FRIDGE gets greasy and melty. It’s so hot/humid and the appliances just arent quite the same as they are in the US and things never seem to fully ever get rock solid and I just cant imagine leaving butter out here! I almost want to do it just to try!

  17. That banana soft serve looks, well, bananas! Love me soft serve during the summer months. I hope the weather in Aruba is awesome!

    1. From that lobster recipe you made that when you posted about it I left a long comment about my 1 and only time cooking lobster at home (I was pregnant and they were $50 tails from Wfs – eek!)

  18. I saw that slide in Huffington Post’s article, and when I saw it, I got really really excited. I thought, “I know her! OMG- how exciting! Well…. I know her blog!” :) Congrats on the feature. Thought you’d like to know that I was excited to see your feature!

    And I want that whisk!!

      1. I’m still around! :) I decided it was in my better interests to step away from the blog world hands on, but I still keep up with a few of my favorite blogs pretty frequently… though I stay more silent!

  19. I am all about that banana soft serve lately! I like to add a spoonful of PB and eat that for breakfast sometimes haha. Never thought to add avocado, but something tells me I’d LOVE it. I use frozen bananas in my smoothies too, makes them so incredibly creamy. CONGRATS on the Huffington Post feature, Averie! So many features for you lately. You go girl!

    Umm, I’m dumbfounded by that butterbell crock….

    1. that is a great breakfast! how can you go wrong with bananas ‘n PB, really! And I almost didn’t mention it but figured, what the heck :)

  20. Look at you, getting all sorts of press these days. I’m glad I’ll be able to say I knew you when. :-)

  21. Seriously, I don’t know how that thing works either! It’s crazyyyyy! But I haven’t died of funky-butter disease yet, so…
    Also, LOVE Jo Malone.

    1. That butter bell has been driving me nuts trying to figure it out – I totally believe you – I just wish I knew how it worked! Wish I could keep anything fresh like that for a month! Not just butter! Crazy stuff!