Time For A…

I’ve had one of those days that if there could be a snag or bump in the road, I hit it.

Everything from burning my finger on my coffee pot that I thought was cool to dumping a bag of frozen edamame all over the floor to Skylar ripping her favorite pair of pants and having her own snag-alicious day.

Nothing that’s earth-shattering but it’s time for a…

Deep breath.


And time to think about chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies Stuffed with Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

Marshmallow Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Pillowtop Bars (GF with Vegan options)

White and dark chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk….yeah.   Time for one of those.

And if the chocolate doesn’t work, time for a Baileys Slushie!


1. What’s your number one “I’ve had a long day and need something amazing tasting” snack or food?

Mine include chocolate, good coffee, peanut butter, or really desserts of any kind.

Definitely sweet, not savory.  Some people want chips or french fries.  I’ll take chocolate.

2. Fill in the Blank: 

It’s Time For ____________

(It’s Time For a run before it becomes pitch black outside!  Dark by 5pm is so not my preference.  And then it will be Time For dinner, the dishes, photo editing, and maybe a little Real Housewives on my DVR.  Guilty pleasure that I make time for.)

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39 comments on “Time For A…”

  1. Definitely something sweet, chewy, and amazing. I think a molasses cookie sounds awesome right about now because it fits all of those!

  2. Sorry about you day of snags, that can be super frustrating when it impacts productivity. I recently dumped a huge bag of frozen berries all over the kitchen, super fun clean up … NOT! Chocolate is my go to for bad days, usually raw balls since they’re fast to whip up and easy to freeze.

  3. It’s time for BAKING!!!!!! And Christmas shopping.

    If I have had a long day, I want something crunchy.

  4. Everyone has a problemo today!! I am definitely ready for this week to be over, glad your bumps weren’t big ones. I definitely grab a glass of wine and/or some sweet stuff after a day like that.

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