Since Skylar started her new school, I feel like I’ve started school, too.  Nearly every week there’s something that needs to be made, brought in for show and tell, supplies to gather and bring in for various craft projects the teachers are going to do with the kids, and this week it’s Valentine’s Day, which is code for: a Project That Mom Needs to Handle.  I’ve become good friends with tape, crayons, glue, and scissors lately.

Kids valentines cards and candy packets

I prepared a couple dozen Valentines for Skylar’s nearest and dearest, complete with candyless Valentine’s treats affixed.  I spotted these in the grocery store next to the pink-wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and although I would have preferred handing out peanut butter cups (and as a kid I would have preferred receiving them), but for Skylar’s classmates I chose something fruit-based rather than chocolate-based.

Strawberry valentine nugget snacks packets

I can’t wait to see what Valentines she brings home and how she likes the Valentine’s exchange with her classmates.

Disney princess valentines cards

Later in the week it’s Count-To-100 Day and I have to send one hundred of something.  I’m sending 100 pennies.

I’d like to send Ritz-Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups but once again, I’m sure others will appreciate pennies more than peanut butter cups.

Ritz-Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups

Did you exchange Valentines with your classmates?

Do you remember wanting to receive Valentine’s from certain people?

I remember wanting to receive Valentines from a certain zit-faced fourteen year old junior varsity football quarterback with a crackling voice and overly gelled hair who I thought was so cute.  Valentines from certain popular girls at the lunch table who didn’t typically talk to me unless they wanted to copy my homework come to mind would have ironically been cherished, too.

I hope that Skylar gets Valentines from everyone her little heart desires and at this stage in the game (kindergarten-aged), everyone gets a Valentine from everyone, which I think is so sweet especially when they’re little.

Winners of the Cookbook Giveaway announced in the next post

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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