Weekend Bests


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I hope you’ve had a nice weekend so far.

My weekend bests have included:

Some mess making in the name of baking.

Chocolate mixed in red mixing bowl with bag of powdered sugar and pink spatula

Plenty of dishes have been dirtied.

Green bowl in sink and red blue and purple bowls stacked next to sinkThe bowls are these. Someone usually asks about them.

Donut making has ensued.

donuts baking in donut pan

They’re a tweak on the Baked Cinnamon Bun Donuts with Cream Cheese Glaze

Baked Cinnamon Bun Donuts with Cream Cheese Glaze

Recipe coming soon for the new donuts.

After all that donut taste-testing I was able to enjoy a nice run.  The dreary and rainy weather we had Friday lifted and it was much nicer on Saturday.  On the chilly side, but sunny.

Street with traffic light and cars lined up on the side of the street

Another weekend best was yoga.  At home yoga.  I used to love my weekend yoga classes in studios but these days, I prefer to practice in the peace and quiet of my own house, on my time schedule, and at my pace doing the poses I want.   And the best part, it’s free.

Black yoga mat on hardwood floor

There’s been time with Scott and Skylar.  For about ten minutes on Saturday Scott rubbed my feet and Skylar rubbed my back.  They volunteered to give me a little massage.  I love massages and that was the best ten minutes of the week, I tell you.

I also went thrift shopping and hit the bloggie and photography dishes jackpot.  My favorite thrift store never fails to disappoint.
shelves of dishes and glasses

The other best of the week(end) were these cookies
Chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookies stacked

I hope your weekend has had some bests.


What are your weekend bests so far?

Best thing you’ve eaten or done?

P.S.  Winner announced tomorrow for the Cookbook Giveaway

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  1. That thrift shop looks like it’s full of treasures. I would definitely try to max out my credit card on that store. I love the flea markets in NYC, although I must say, I have to shift through a lot more junk that you do.

    My weekend was all about the NY Marathon!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. The FoodBuzz fest consummed my weekend in a good way, best eats were the tasting pavilion.

  3. Looks like a great weekend, lady! I’d love to be a taste-tester in your kitchen :-)

    I spent the weekend relaxing with my parents… nice change of pace.

  4. Had an excellent weekend with Saturday spent with daughter and her man we went thrifting with the men for a while and then went out by ourselves….SCORED a dremel tool with a boat load of accessories! Would love to know the name of your favorite thrift store since we live close by.

  5. I was cooking up a storm this weekend in preparation for the Food Blogger Cookie Swap – so excited but still working on my recipe. I also had some friends over for a dinner party, so lots of cooking this weekend. I wish I had a personal massage team at home! So nice of your daughter and hubby, even if it was just for 10 minutes :)

  6. I can’t wait for the new recipe of the donuts!!! :D

    The best thing I’ve eaten this weekend was probably the gingerbread cookies with pumpkin ice cream. It was so good!!!

  7. I LOVE Donuts!!!!!! I need to make some ;)

    My best was running my first ever RACE!!! WOOO HOOO!!


  8. I can’t wait to see your updated recipe!

    I was at Foodbuzz and just loved meeting so many new bloggers. It was amazing being around that many people who are so passionate about food.

  9. How’s this for lame: the best part of my weekend was FINALLY cleaning my whole house, top to bottom, finishing the laundry and then sitting on the couch with my coffee chatting with my mom on the phone. If you’d have told me 10 years ago I’d say that, or that I’d even DO that, I’d have to laughed in your face.

    I want someone to rub my feet.

    And, I want to go thrift shopping with you! I thought of you today while I was watching the Packer game – it was in San Diego and it was raining the whole time. Its cold and windy here, so I feel your pain.

  10. Love the donuts Averie! Yum. I need a donut pan. I bought a bunch of GF flours today to experiment, after reading and researching a bunch.

    Best of this weekend for me: Had my first training module for my RYT500, and found out I’m gonna be in a Yoga Journal shoot :)

  11. Sounds like a great weekend so far – especially the massage! My weekend best so far was meeting and dining with T Colin Campbell at Healthy Taste of LA. Awesome time!

    1. I just saw your blog posts on the events, and your new juicer (I have that EXACT model!!) and Blendtec. If you find a way to clean the juicer blades that’s fast, LMK. I stand at my kitchen sink and wash, and rinse, and wash…forever. Seems the pulp just gets stuck in the “teeth” of the juicer and it’s so difficult to get out for me. Juicing becomes an epic event with cleanup time budgeted in which is why I don’t juice much anymore…keep me posted on your juicer cleanup endeavors :)

  12. look at your get your doughnut pan going down! haha i want a doughnut pan!! i’ve been maxing out my waffle maker like a mad woman lately. i feel like they’re kind of the same but not. anyways! my weekend bests were chilling with my lady friends last night andddd hopefully the jets winning today!!

  13. i used to love my weekend yoga classes as well but lately they have been too crowded. we’re packed in there like sardines… and don’t even get me started on all of the chatter (LOUD chatter) that goes on in the room before class. drives me nuts. because i work from home, i’m oftentimes able to go to 12:00 weekday classes that i prefer MUCH more.

    my weekend bests were the 4 loads of laundry i did yesterday (not fun at the time, but definitely when it’s done) and a breakfast date i took myself on this morning! the hubbs is out of town… and i just love going out to eat by myself!

    1. glad you enjoyed your solo date :) and midday yoga is so great if you can swing it. Love those kinds of classes.

  14. Best thing I did last night was to go to a bachelorette party for a friend. It has been a long time that I went out with some girls to sing karaoke and dance and just have fun in general. Although this morning reminded me why I don’t eat junk food anymore. What is it about vodka that makes me think eating junk is fine? Blech.

  15. Friday was Dollar Day at my neighborhood thrift store; all clothing a buck a piece. I got a nice pair of Calvin Klein jeans that fit me like a glove.

    For dinner last night and for breakfast this morning, I had a big yummy bowl of sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil. Something about cold, rainy weather makes me crave sweet potatoes.

    1. new jeans that fit like a glove are worth their weight in gold!

      sweet taters in coconut oil, sounds perfect.

  16. My weekend best was taking the weekend off from homework, and just having fun hanging out with friends and family :-)

  17. You ask difficult questions! Best for the weekend is hopping and eating out with my Step Daughter.

    Best thing I’ve eaten? Thats to hard to answer! I love food! To pick out my favorite is way to difficult to answer!!!

  18. Oh my goodness, those doughnuts! You NEED to post the recipe for those doughnuts – they look amazing! :-)

  19. Those cookies look SOOOO good!!

    My Best: Definitely a tie between going out to dinner at the place in DC called 2amy’s and this beautiful fall weather we’re enjoying here in MD.

    And the best thing I’ve eaten recently would have to be the deep fried risotto balls with mozzarella that I had as an appetizer on Friday. Pure euphoria! :)

  20. I’m so jealous on the massage… and the donuts.

    I tried to make some doughnut nugget kind of spin-off with some substitutions (using what I’ve go) and it kind of turned out like a dry cake. Ah well.

    Best thing I’ve done this weekend: curled up for some snuggles and watched Good Will Hunting.

    Best thing I’ve made/eaten: peanut-butter banana smoothie after my run this morning.

  21. can not WAIT to try the donut recipe. bookmarked, saved, pinned, etc etc…all that’s left to do is make those beautiful things and enjoy! xo

  22. Sounds like a perfect mix for you this weekend! Glad it’s been a good one.
    My bests…. going out to dinner at an irish pub with my friends and a fun irish band playing music. Doing homework with some friends at panera downtown and enjoying a latte. A little cooking in the kitchen. And this lazy sunday morning I’m enjoying right now!

  23. You are one lucky girl with those massages, my lady!
    Weekend highlights – 3 successful shows so far, 1 to go,..looking forward to doing NOTHING tonight after the show!

  24. Your home is so lovely. I started my holiday shopping (success) and my Thanksgiving grocery list. Today I am taking a photo walk to photograph the lovely fall color, and later this evening I am going to bake a loaf of pumpkin-walnut bread. It’s been a nice weekend, low-key, just the way I like it.

  25. Glad you have been having a nice weekend so far! My weekend has been honestly awesome – yesterday I got to shoot some videos for the blog, took a 2 hour nap (unheard of!!) and we went to a 80’s themed bowling event. Awesome.

  26. Sounds lovely :) I’m glad the weather turned around and that you got in some baking and a mini massage ;). We’ve had a very eventful weekend over her (as you saw). Today we have family pictures- hoping they go well. Thanks for your comment today :) Luckily, its not TOO bad and I’m hoping it heals up well. Definitely worth it !

  27. I love your bowls that are in the sink! That may be an odd observation…but they are awesome! :) Glad you have had a good weekend!

    1. Every single time I post anything in them…someone notices or asks about them. Not odd :)

  28. A) Your photos are simply exquisite, as always.
    B) You’ve inspired me to make my own donuts.
    C) I went thrift store shopping this weekend, too! I scored a dress, two tops and a skirt for $20!

    Happy Weekend!

  29. Hi Averie, Sorry if people have asked you this before but I was wondering if you use the GF flours in your cooking? I have gluten intolerance to trace gluten and it would be nice to see someone with the same intolerance being able to tolerate it again. Can’t imagine going for a run after taste testing donuts! =S

  30. The weather looks gorgeous! Enjoy it! So sweet that Scott and Skylar gave you a massage… some of the best gifts are the simplest ones. :)

  31. what a great weekend, so far, averie!
    me – fun working at the store yesterday – i love retail! slept an extra hour since the clocks turned back. lots on the to do list for today but #1 is enjoying some sunshine outside this aft, after work!