While They Were Watching the Game


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While other people were watching the Superbowl, Skylar and I headed for the mall.  And thankfully, it was pretty empty.  I surmise most people were glued to the tube.  Not me.

Young girl in purple zip up sweater smiling with hands behind back

I took this pile of empty MAC makeup containers and brought them to the MAC Store

MAC Makeup in bag

Tip: Every 6 empty MAC containers = 1 free lipgloss/lipstick so save them and turn them in for your freebie!

Four empty MAC containers

I traded them for a few other items and…..

MAC Cosmetics in bag

…Prrr.  I love Prrr

PRRR Lipgloss in boxLipgloss out of box showing pink color

It’s really iridescent and has great shimmer.  And you can play around with liners from Plum to Spice and change its look.  Super versatile and on your lips, it doesn’t look nearly as coral as in the tube.

I love MAC, period.

Makeup case full of MAC cosmetics

I also picked up a couple new-to-me MAC facial cleansers

MAC Facial CleansersIf I don’t like them, I will bring them back.  But I am going to give them a try.

Bottom of cleansers one for foaming and one gel

I have serious love for This Stuff so it’s a hard act to beat.

Two Lancome Mousse Bottles

Since it’s essential to have snacks with when going to the mall, I brought this snack bar with us.  A homemade Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Bar

One Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Bar wrapped in plastic wrap

Three Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Bars on white plate

And while other people were watching the game, I took advantage of the low 70s and sunny weather and went for a 20 minute run and then 20 minutes of yoga/lifting at home

This is what I saw.  I like this scenery better than football.

Flowering tree

Stop and smell the roses the Bird of Paradise

Close up of flower on tree

And while other people were watching the game and eating Superbowl Food

…This is what I had for a snack:  Special K bars

Special K Bars

The underside is pure heaven.  Peanut Butter + Brown Sugar + Karo Syrup + Vanilla.  Perfect after a hard day at the mall.

Bottomside of one Special K Bar

From my last post about What I Know, it was fun to hear what you know.

And it seems there are tons of Maybelline mascara fans out there too.

And also I am glad that my discussion of Rules are Meant to be Broken resonated with you, too.  Not all “rules” are set in stone.  I always enjoy learning what rules you break, or would like to break.


1. Did you watch the Superbowl?

As you can see from this post, no.  I was way too busy buying makeup and being outside.

2. If you did watch the game, did you enjoy yourself?

3. If you didn’t watch the game, what did you do this weekend?

Fill me in on your weekend and what’s in store for your week?

P.S. If you’re just catching up on weekend posts, here are mine since Friday night.

Have a great week!


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  1. Do you individuals have a facebook fan page? I seemed for one on twitter but couldn’t uncover one, I would love to turn into a fan!

  2. ooooh girl, you’re speakin my language with all those MAC bags!! And I never knew that you could get a free gloss with 6 empty containers!! Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be saving mine!! I LOVE the color of that gloss!! I recently got a similar color from Smashbox that I am just loving right now!


  3. Good for you on getting out into some beauty during the ‘bowl’! We were out on a boat in the wilderness–cold but supercool too. On the road and crappy connection, but wanted to say hi.

  4. That’d be the perfect time to go to the mall- while everyones watching the Superbowl. I went shopping just before and it was SO PACKED!!!

  5. We watched a few commercials and a few minutes of the game. Not into it at all!

    I’m so jealous that you had the option of going to the mall! Our stores still have primitive policies; they close at 6:00pm on Sundays!! I kid you not. I was talking to someone who lived in Los Angeles several years ago and they were like, “I’m going to Home Depot.” And I’m like, “It’s after midnight, no you’re not.” They’re like, “Uh, our stores are open 24 hours.” :shock: The west coast is so ahead of the rest of the country! lol

    1. Yeah the game was on at 330pm here (b/c it’s pacific time) and the stores are open til 9 or 10 at the malls. Target and other stores like that usually midnite or 24 hrs. And Home Depot, Rite Aid, groc stores, 24 hrs :)

      And it was 75F and sunny and the mall is open-air/outdoors so it was perfect. :) Not to rub it in or anything. lol

  6. Awesome time to go to the mall! I wanted to do a snow trip, but hubby wanted to watch the game. :-P Wow, that’s a huge cosmetics haul – sweet.

    The weather was perfect here too, lots of long dog walks and camera playing.

    1. Eh, sort of. I’ve never been a huge superbowl fan.
    2. I did from doing other stuff around the house. THe commercials weren’t even that good this year.
    3. Went out with sisters, shopped and tackled house stuff.

  7. LOVE the new blog! Could hardly tune into your old one over my work network at all. I sort of watched the game, but mostly wished I was sleeping since I had a big headache. This week I want to cook 2 new meals for my family.

  8. I love Mac! I buy so many of their products! I also had a good time watchin the game with my family but I was sad at the outcome, I was rooting for the steelers!

  9. 1. No I didn’t watch the superbowl…LOL…I literally do not understand that game. Watching football is totally comical and bizarre. I am more of a basketball person…basketball is much more elegant and sexy :)

    2. I went to “extreme” Yoga at my gym which was awesome!! Then I treated myself to lots of steam room/sauna time. Then I went to TJs and got some of that unsweetened baking chocolate and raw honey and made some oat bran chocolate cookies and read my ‘old lady porn’ romance novels all afternoon.
    I really enjoyed myself!!!

  10. Haha, That’s awesome! I was out shopping too, and it was quite nice seeing that everyone stayed home to watch the game. However, I was not running given the whole snow situation in the midwest… I seriously need to move :)

  11. awww what a lovely Sunday!! I didn’t watch the game either! It was 70* here, no better thing to do than SURF, so I found myself at the beach! :) on my way home I went by New Fronteir’s (a knock off of whole foods) and it was EMPTY! (I LOVED IT!) I hope your week is off to a great start!

  12. I made your Special K bars for the game and they were a huge hit! I was impressed by how easy they were to make and how delicious they are. Thanks for sharing your grandmother’s recipe!

  13. I didn’t watch one second of the super bowl cause I was coaching but I really don’t care that I missed it! I made those special k bars fully planning on sending them to a friend but um they are almost gone.. hehe! I’m not really a make up person but I may become one for the free stuff, thats a great deal.

  14. It looks like you had a fantastic “girl day” instead of super bowling it up (like I was!). I am definitely jealous of your sunshine though! As much as I have loved having weather, I’m ready for winter to be oveeeeeer

  15. Sounds like you had a fantastic time with Skylar, not watching the game.

    Excellent photo of your beautiful scenery.

    Cleaned the house, took a walk outside, shoveled the driveway, did some baking (apple & cinnamon bundt cake) and some un-baking (your chocolate snowballs). Had our neighbours over for dinner and enjoyed each other’s company by NOT watching the game :)

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    “Things You should know about B2B Video Marketing | Business Marketing and Hot Internet Marketing
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    Any idea what is going on there?

  16. Hi Averie,

    I am a new reader, but wondering if the special K bars upset your gluten issue? I recently discovered my years long gluten issue, but feel like there is nothing fun to eat anymore! Thanks!

    1. Ok so the gluten in the Special K bars for some reason does not bother me. I have no idea why…also for about 5 years I was extremely!!!! strict with not eating things with gluten.

      It seems that a combination of healing my gut with probiotics, not eating any gluten, and my current gluten consumption is very minimal, that I am fine. However….if I were to go have a piece of bread….I would be in agony. So it’s such a mixed bag.

      I did this post
      that may help you. Think of things that are NATURALLY Gf rather than trying to recreate. And I had to “pay my dues” of like 5 yrs of being super strict, no gluten, in order to have a Special K bar here and there :)

  17. I can’t believe how much you post! You must spend a lot of time blogging because your posts are always full of great stuff and interesting.

    I am so so jealous of your weather.. uuggghhh…

    I did not watch the superbowl.

    It’s strange, but I don’t wear make up.. maybe once a year I will put some on. I’m always shocked at how much better I look when I use it, but I have spent so much time working in hot kitchens and make up is the last thing you want on your face in that situation! I’d love to get all girly sometime and get a facial and make up..

    1. I do spend lots of time at my computer, I wont lie :) but I love it and couldnt/wouldnt do it if i didnt enjoy it. But thanks for noticing and for the compliments on my full/great/interesting posts…that just made my day :)

  18. i wanted to go shopping but all the stores in this city closed at 5pm so they could home and watch the game lol. totally serious! i watched it with my bro/nate and aside from the terrible music acts, it was an interesting enough game for someone who doesn’t care about football haha.

  19. great idea to go to the mall on Superbowl Sunday… I’ve done that before, empty!! :) yesterday we had people over for the game – I got to have my house full of friends and make awesome food, so I was happy!! I like watching the commercials, and the Packers are my team so I was happy they won…

    I *LOVE* mac also… I have a collection as big as yours! I like the green gel cleanser… I’m a gel person, no creme or milk for cleansing for me :)

    that bird of paradise is beautiful – so tall!!

    have a fabulous week!

    1. good to know you like the green gel! i dont like milk or creme cleansers but i do like foam. And gel is fine too.

      So far after 2 uses, i like it :)

  20. I watched, naturally. I also did some work, ellipticalled, tried on lothes for my interview and wrote up a blog post during the game. Too much to do, no time to do it! ARGH.

    There was no one at the gym during the game, either. Shocking, riht? ;) I watched the game on the individual tvs and read my textbook during commercials. That’s some serious multi-tasking right there.

  21. I “watched” the game. I really just visited with my friend who came over with her 11-month old and husband.

  22. I did watch most of the game — I had projects and stuff to work on and I was able to do them in front of the tv. Some of the commercials were pretty funny, but the halftime show was HORRIBLE — the microphones didn’t work and the black eyed peas sounded awful. Too bad because I like so many of their songs (perfect for running!)

    Good for you for getting outside and enjoying the lovely weather!

    1. i learn all the important things i need to know, i.e. the show sucked, the morning after in my comment fields. thank you for lmk! :)

  23. The roommate took me out for sushi and ice cream (uhh, love her!) and then I came home and worked, spent a bit of time in the kitchen (made a sunflower seed dip sort of based around your spicy Doritos sauce!), and stayed up doing homework till about 2 in the morning!

  24. I warned the Half time show of the Super Bowl. It was terribly funny! I usually don’t mind Blackeyed Peas on the radio but that performance was not so good. The rest of my day was spent reading, playing with my son, and walking outside! It was a fabulous day!

  25. I quasi watched the game! I love football but I was not really into the game for some reason. I biked on my trainer and then ran on the trampoline while watching (oh yeah and played words with friend’s in my phone – I’d say I wasn’t too vested in it!

    Omg love love love the birds of paradise

  26. All I know about football is that they use that weird, pointy-shaped ball. Sure was empty at the Y yesterday. I had time to clean out a bunch of shelves and find stuff that was lost probably half a year ago.

    I figure today is probably a good day to go grocery shopping; surely everyone is stuffed with Superbowl party-food, right?

  27. What a genius idea to head to the mall-I wish I would have done that!!! The game was on at 7pm here though! Love trading in makeup- i actually just found out that you can do that! I buy so much dif stuff when in reality i’m a foundation/mascara only girl-but you can never have too much makeup!!! haha.

    1. and i saw your tweet about your blog not liking me. lol

      there are a couple blogs that make my puter freeze up…not sure why either….darn. Computers are so….strange :)

  28. I didn’t watch! I don’t have a TV and the last thing I felt like doing was going to a party where everyone is married while my boyfriend is away on business. Noooooo thanks. Instead I prepped veggies and meals for the week – I made marinated kale salad, some beet/carrot/daikon/jicama slaw, cooked rice & beans, chopped up veg for salads – then I cleaned my kitchen. My biggest exposure to the game was texting Jon and asking him who won.
    I love *some* Mac products – my favorite is their bronzer, its just the right color. I’ve found their eyeliner, the only thing I wear on a daily basis, looks great on application but is too smudgy. I prefer Makeup Forever eyeliner, never comes off, which I desperately need.

    1. I like their liquid liner, in Boot Black.I don’t use pencil liner anymore but I can kinda remember the smudge/non-crisp factor.

  29. I have a friend who does PR for MAC and I saw her this weekend. She brought me a belated BDay gift: Ruby Woo Lipstick with a liner and a Painterly Paintpot – hooray for make-up! I really didn’t care about watching the SB so I took a colleague out for a drink and a nice dinner in my neighborhood – he was in town from Atlanta and he is German so he didn’t care about missing the game either. My Beau was all about it though and was VERY happy the Packers won.

  30. I love the name Prrr…so fun! I spent the wknd in Disney World celebrating my sister in law’s bachelorette. It was interesting, to say the least!

  31. Thanks for the MAC tip! However, I *just* threw out some eye make up remover and makeup. Damn!
    I love PRRR!!

    1. you love Prrr too? that’s awesome and save your empties so you can score some freebies!! :)

  32. Birds of Paradise are so pretty. Glad you enjoyed the game time! We watched a movie and played scrabble. Perfect evening.

  33. I did watch the Super Bowl and it was actually a great game. With two older brothers who were both football players, somewhere along the way I learned to like football. Your shopping trip looks fun, too, though! I love to shop AND watch football–the best of both worlds. :-)

  34. Giiirl, I spent my evening eating, reading blogs, and watching the superbowl commercials on hulu:) I love MAC, thanks for the tip!:)

  35. great idea! I went to the grocery store right when the game started. NO ONE WAS THERE. Loved it. Then I did watch it later with the family. But wasn’t too impressed with the half time show. Bummer, thats whats all about, right? hehe.
    Love your special K bars!

  36. glad you enjoyed your shopping + outdoor time, averie!
    i did enjoy the super bowl game! more than anticipated. it was exciting football. had a very fun time being social at the party we went to, too.
    love that lancome mousse, too!
    hope you have a great monday!