You Wouldn’t Believe It

You wouldn’t believe some of the news I’ve had in the past week.   I really could not even make this stuff up.

I’ve had a couple life bombs dropped on me.  And no, I’m not pregnant.

I’m not going to blog about it until a few things are finalized.  Remember Blogging 105 and that some mystery and privacy are ok and just common sense sometimes?  Well, I am taking my own advice on things for now.

For inquiring minds and not to alarm anyone, I am fine, my family is fine, things in general will be fine, and they seem to be working out, but I’ve been in major scramble and stress mode the past week.  And that’s not going to change for awhile.  Good thing I have never shied away from hard work or a challenge because life is about to get really crazy.

In an effort to keep things light and sunny on this holiday weekend, here are other things you wouldn’t believe:

1. I miss the Bravo Orange County Housewives

I finally watched all of my DVR saved stash of episodes from when we were in Aruba in May, but now that I’m done with those episodes, I’m in OC HW withdrawals!  The OC ladies are my faves, followed by Beverley Hills, and then NYC/NJ/ATL/Miami are all tied my ‘like’ scale.

2. I have no parties that I am going to over the Fourth of July long holiday weekend.  And I am more than okay with that!  I have my hands full with other things anyway.

Good thing I have Red, White, and Blue Food, among other things, to keep me busy over the Holiday weekend.

3.  You wouldn’t believe that I sometimes wear these boots at night here.  In June. And now, it’s July!  

I hate having cold feet and anything below 60F, I deem cold.  And yes, this former Minneapolis girl has turned into a mega weather wimp.

4. You wouldn’t believe the and insanity that is going to be the next 3 weeks or so of my life.  I am still in shock.  Deep breath.

5. You wouldn’t believe that I eat a huge bowl of popcorn with chocolate, coconut oil, nooch, and other toppings


a dessert like a Magic Eight Bar every single night very late.  Way past a midnight snack.

Or a White Chocolate Blondie with Peanut Butter Frosting in the wee hours

And I go directly to bed and sleep like a baby.  For the next 5 hours.  And then it’s time to get up and start my day and the next 19 hours ahead of me.

And no, I don’t worry about “eating late”, weight gain or any food rules about what or when I “should” eat. <–All nonsense to me anyway.

You may not believe it, but I do think fatty carbs, i.e. desserts, help me sleep and help me wake up feeling great.  To each her own.

6. You may not believe that I wish I could use my minky lined camera strap as a blanket.  It’s so soft.  I wish I could!

7. You may not believe that the Mixed Berry Clafoutis is almost gone.    Then again, it was really good and easy.  I enjoyed hearing what your favorite fancy-tasting-but-easy-to-make recipes are.

Fill in the Blanks:

You wouldn’t believe it, but__________.


You can’t even make this up, but_________.

Happy 4th of July Weekend to everyone celebrating and Happy Canada Day/Weekend to my friends to the north!

P.S.  Enter my Shaklee Giveaway if you haven’t already.  It ends with my first post of the day Sunday.


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  4. LOL – did you mix chocolate, coconut oil and nooch on the popcorn?!? The first two sound good together, but I don’t know about the nooch!

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  7. well I hope everything is crazy and chaotic for a GOOD AMAZING reason! I am thinking about you my dear!

  8. You wouldn’t believe it but I suck way less on my bike :D

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