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I’m so glad you got a kick out of my last post, hair salon blogging, and the pictures of me with foils in my hair.  Yes, keeping it real.  Always.

Here’s my new and freshly touched up color.

Photos courtesy of my iMac’s built-in camera and the Photo Booth program.

No cut, just highlights.

Ba-bye root regrowth. I can’t believe I am posting that picture, but whatever.  I’ve posted foil pictures already.

It was my first time using the built-in camera since I got this computer and it’s so much easier than trying to balance my DSLR in one hand, while doing it in reverse in a bathroom mirror, with a huge lens covering half my face, and somehow trying to snap a decent picture.

Why didn’t I think to use Photo Booth sooner or with my old computer?  I’m a little slow on the uptake, apparently. But I’m on board now.

I’m also on board with:

1. A freezer full of cookie dough balls and bites.

I reached for High Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls yesterday.

I always store extra desserts in the freezer that way no matter what I’m in the mood for, it’s likely I have something along those lines waiting for me in cold storage and it just takes 10 minutes or so to come back to room temp.  Good as new.  That was my grandma’s method for 90 years and if it worked for her, I’m on board.

2. I’m on board with beautiful yellow calla lilies from the farmer’s market

Aren’t these so vibrant and striking?  I could have taken pictures of them all day.

They remind me of the calla lilies I saw in Aruba a few weeks ago.  And whoa, that trip feels like a lifetime ago already.  Sigh.

3. I’m always on board to spend time with Skylar.  She doesn’t know it’s fireworks weekend yet.  She’ll be thrilled when I tell her!

4.  Bowls of popcorn.  Always on board with those.

Popcorn, How I Love Thee.

I have an entire popcorn recipes section I love it that much with a variety of blends and combos.

Adding nooch, cinnamon, sugar, stevia, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, coconut oil, ginger, maca.  <– All at once, or just some of those at once.   It’s all good.

5. Sex on the Beach

I’d be on board with either variety.

6. Yellow Peppers, Sugar Snap Peas and Spicy Doritos Cheezy Dip

Totally on board for some raw crunch + dippage



1. Have you ever discovered something new on your computer that you had no idea existed that has turned out to be helpful and useful?

Do tell because we can all help each other learn things.

My tip for those that aren’t familiar and have a Mac:

To do a screenshot, you hold down three keys at once: Command + Shift + 4

And then you can “draw” the screenshot size, it saves it to your desktop, and you can upload the screenshot to your blog, email, or other files.  Pretty basic but maybe someone doesn’t know that one.  I forget half the time what the three keys to hold are.

Also everyone raves about Instagram for their iPhone.  I don’t use it.  Maybe I should be?

2. What are you On Board With?

And Keep the Bamboo Travel Skirt Giveaway Entries coming!

67 comments on “On Board With”

  1. Hahahaha love the sex on the beach statement.
    And I always forget which 3 keys take a screenshot too, I usually end up googling it!

  2. Loving the hair, lady! Nice.

    Today I am on board with chill out time with the hub and wine! And dark chocolate with ginger chunks in…

  3. I have been needing to get my hair highlighted so bad!! I just never have the time. I have such thick hair, that it takes them like 3 hours to do it! It’s crazy!
    And I love those flowers, especially the yellow ones. THey would look so pretty in vase on my table :)
    And I had NO idea on how to do a screen shot! I have been wanting badly to learn how to do that! haha Thank you!. Tips for the mac…HmmmI know if you go into the system preferences, you can change it so whenever u put ur mouse in a certain corner of a screen, it will do something cool..like bring up the dashboard, or show you all your pages open…etc..
    And I’ll be emailing you shortly! :)

  4. haa – I was thinking to myself “does her old mac not have a camera and photo booth? just as you were saying “why didn’t I sooner?” ;)

    now you have to get to page 163 in Plate to Pixel about tethering!! :D it is SO fun! I was putting it off, thinking it would be a complicated install of SOMETHING, and while I was explaining it to Jason, he was on my new laptop and suddenly says, “okay, here!” and had it set up. So even a non computer nerd should be able to do it quickly! :)

  5. Your hair looks awesome! I’m tempted to go and get more blonde put on the top, because I want to be REALLY blonde…even just for summer! I never used iPhoto for the longest time and I don’t know why. It’s awesome and now I use it all the time!

  6. I’m an Aruba girl too! I have a timeshare at the Playa Linda and am counting down to my trip in a few weeks. I would love to own a place there – how many times a year do you go? I actually got married there almost 3 years ago…and carried calla lilies in my bouquet! Perhaps the ones you saw were also going to a wedding! :)

  7. I’m on board with 3 day weekends!

  8. hahahahahahaha your hair salon foil pics are amazing. thank you for reminding me i’m getting my hair cut tomorrow morning! also, i’m pretty obsessed with the color you got done :) you have such a bergdoff blonde color i love it!

  9. Long time no comment but I LOVE your latest posts, haha…put a smile on my face and you’re looking great girls, both of you ;-)

  10. That’s funny, I have no idea how to take a screenshot on my PC. I feel like it’s basic knowledge, but I just realized I have no clue how to do it!

    Those flowers are absolutely beautiful. I’m not even a huge fan of flowers, I especially don’t want to receive them as a gift. But I can fully appreciate their beauty from afar :)

  11. If you don’t like the flash on photobooth (it annoys me sometimes and I have better lighting around me during day). Just hold down the shift button THEN click the take picture button :)
    That was a little tip for MAC I was so happy to figure out!

  12. Calla Lilies are one of (the two) my favorite flowers!! They’re so elegant looking and the smell is so relaxing to me! I love photobooth –> It’s my go to thing to do when I feel like procrastinating from studying or working on my thesis…. lol.
    P.S. hair is looking GOOD!

  13. Great hair, looks gorg…that was awesome yesterday… the photos! nice!

    I pretty much everyday learn something new about gosh darn computers. :)

  14. Looking as glam as ever! I am sure that there are a million things on my computer I know nothing about, and most likely will not ever know anything about. And I am ok and on board with that. lol

  15. I need to make popcorn soon, it has been 2 long.

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  17. I can just imagine how excited Skylar be once she finds out what weekend it is!!! Does she like sparklers?

    Your hair looks great! And your smile is so beautiful :D Not to mention you just look so lovely in that picture with the drink. Bahaha and either variety for me too! Although I’ve only had the drink variety :p

    1. OH wow! I am very simple with the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for the little tidbit :) Wish I could pass one on to you, but I think you already know how to copy and paste with the shortcut way.

    2. I’m on board with a lot of things! Pretty easy going and accepting of many things except for things that cause harm to others or the self. Right now for myself.. I’m on board with finding a job! I just don’t know what direction to go in :\


  18. Ooh I’m going to the beach this weekend.. hopefully I’ll have a little bit of that second kind.. ha! Here’s a fun Mac trick: hold down control, alt/option, command and the number 8 (4 buttons) for a screen color inversion! Not really helpful or useful, just random Mac secrets. Also, I love instagram! It’s free. Get on that! :)

  19. Love the hair – and of course the popcorn. Great minds do think alike! I don’t think we could be farther apart on hair color shade, though ;)

    I have to try some of your popcorn ideas. THe problem is, every time I think popcorn now, I think “BBQ seasoning, nooch, brown sugar.” I love ginger, though, and am wondering if I’m missing out on maca? What’s that like?

    Command-Shift-4 sees lots of use on my mac…though I don’t know how many times I had to google “screenshot on Mac” before I finally remembered the combo! haha.

  20. loving the hair!! I loooove blonde hair and desperately wish I could pull it off. Instead, I try to convince all of my girl friends to dye their hair blonde and live vicariously through them :)

    I’m on board with laying out by the pool after I get off work today!

  21. Ha – there are SO many things on my computer that I don’t know are there. I am incompetent when it comes to technology.

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