Chocolate in Aruba & Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats

TGIF is what most of you are saying, right! Well, I hope you’ve had a great week and that you’ve got lots of fun, mellow things planned for the weekend. Is anyone actually going to be braving the stores for some Christmas Shopping? As I mentioned yesterday, we don’t do gifts anymore, so I don’t have to fight for parking spaces or worse yet, fight for merchandise like sometimes happens on those Day After Thanksgiving Day sales when people get trampled over electronics or sweaters on sale!

Anyway though, I am really glad you enjoyed Alison’s post on her Weight Loss Success Story from yesterday.  She is just an amazing woman and I love her so! Thanks again, Alison for sharing your lovely and inspiring story!

But moving on to what I really want to talk about today: Chocolate in Aruba!! You know how much I love my chocolate.

From Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs


To Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes-5 Minute Recipe

And Raw Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Donut HolesAnother 5 Minute Recipe!

To My Raw Vegan PB Cups
Thanks, Heather, for mentioning these yesterday.  So glad you got in on a little messy chocolate action of your own!

To My Vegan Guiltless & Fast Vanilla Hot Cocoa

It’s pretty hot here so Hot Cocoa isn’t on my mind, but of course, chocolate always is.  So I whipped up:
Raw Vegan Overnight “Chocolate Brownie” Protein Oats
1/3 c dry oats
1 ripe & well mashed banana
1 heaping scoop of the Chocolate Sun Warrior Protein Powder (something that I did bring with me)

1 Tbsp Agave
Pinch of stevia (omit, reduce, or increase sweeteners to your taste)

Mix all ingredients (I use a little tupperware with a lid) together, Refrigerate for 6 to 24 hours…

...and Enjoy! (Pics taken 12 hours later.)

It tastes like an oatmeal-inspired chocolate brownie to me!  Thick, fudgey, and delish!

And even though it’s hot and hot cocoa doesn’t come to mind, hot coffee still does.  Did you catch the fact that I brought my own coffee pot with me to Aruba? And I also brought some Vanilla Stevia dropsPerfect in the ‘joe!

Now for more chocolate….
Some Chocolate Bar Finds!
White Chocolate

Note the Fair Trade Label. Cool!

And then this Dark Swiss Bittersweet Bar

And the Stats if you’re Interested

And then this Cappuccino BarA Chocolate and Coffee Lover’s Dream Bar!!!! (it’s not vegan though)

That Fair Trade Symbol again.

The white chocolate is the perfect compliment to the dark chocolate, which has a lovely coffee flavor according to Scott.

Yeah, it looks pretty good, I’d say.

And these Dark Chocolate with White Nougat

…with Peanut Chunks inside the white Nougat.  If Milky Way Dark were flecked with Peanut Chunks in the Nougat but with the caliber of Godiva or Sees’s Candies Chocolate, that’s what this is like.  For 2 America dollars for 18 pieces.  Score!

Ok so I confess I haven’t only been eating chocolate.  There’s been plenty of kale, cukes, brock, and cauli in my life.

With the Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing I gave the recipe for here.

And Brown Rice, and A Garden Salad dressed with my homemade CreamyVegan Cesar-Inspired Tahini Dressing

And there’s been Fruit.

Fresh Mangos

And Grapes, Apples, and Pears which I didn’t bother to upload.  Uploading here is like the Pony Express: Slow!

But for more Chocolate now…
There’s been some damage done to a batch of Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs that I whipped up here. I omitted the coconut oil and just used maple as the liquid and things turned out just fine. 5 Minutes and sooo good!

And there was a dark chocolate-colored wooden statue that a friend of ours down here gave us.  (Sorry bout the dark pics, the lighting is quite horrendous indoors here)

She’s the perfect drishti (gazing point) for my yoga practice!

Yoga Today is Skylar’s Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Savasana)

Ahh, inner peace.

Tips of the Day:

Did you remember to check the Bora Bora Foods Give Away Winner?

If you missed The Winner, go Check this Post Out!

Next Tips:
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What’s the food you never get sick of? I know Katie and I share a love of chocolate.  Although she mentioned she actually OD’ed on it.  And another person I know loves his chocolate. He’s got a stash to rival mine. I love chocolate, too…always. And coffee.

Seriously though, like Holly mentioned in this post, I crave green, raw, fresh veggies, some fruit, but just wholesome greenery and lots of it!!! Of course I love my desserts, but I find that when my diet is well-balanced and rounded out with enough veggies, fruits, and I am getting all those trace nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, I crave desserts less. So what food(s) or beverages do you never tire of?

Or, tell me about your weekend plans?  Shopping?  Packing for a holiday trip to see family members?  Whatcha up to?

Stay Tuned For Week in Review Highlights Post, More Great Guest Posts, and Another Give Away Announcement…

51 comments on “Chocolate in Aruba & Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats”

  1. Another nice post Averie and Shannon Marie. I wish I could be more creative and stuff in the kitchen. Lack of my own real kitchen I suppose is one obstacle, but can be overcome if I tried harder. But financially, it all seems so expensive. Food processors, expensive ingredients, etc…I can get some usual-regular-type baking done though, and its always nice to see what others are up to. Have a nice day.

  2. Holy crap!!! I may be able to eat entirely raw now for the dessert portion of my meals! :)

  3. Thanks so much for inviting me to post and for the intro. I am so blushing :-)

    Guess what?! We are totally on the same page again. Sometimes I think you can read my thoughts. I'm on a gingerbread kick, too. I already have tomorrow's post done, but I won't hit "publish" until then. It's not a cookie, but it does have a similar flavor.

  4. Haha I looooove the Gingerbread Asana cookies, so creative and funny! Love the one with the butt in the air.

    Yummy recipes, I wish I was Santa, so I could eat them :)

    Can't wait to see the giveaway winner :)

    I'm not a holiday baker…but I may bake some PB chocolate chip cookes today. I'm in mood for some baking and my sister is requesting something with PB :)


  5. Oh my gosh I have got to try some of those recipes! They are so inventive and they look so good!

  6. Wow, ShannonMarie – you need your own Food Network show. Now! Amazing!!!

    p.s. Avery baby I love you discreet beach shot ;) you go girl!!! Love you!

  7. WOW great cookie recipes!! those all sounded amazing-ive never made raw cookies but ive tried them and they are adoralbe!!

    your daughter is TOO CUTE at the beginning!!

  8. All the cookies look so good! Haha I love the gingerbread men doing yoga poses!

  9. Awesome Guest post!
    The recipes are awesome! I love the yogi gingerbread men <3


  10. great post! thanks for the recap…LOVE the beach pics of you and sky :)

    the desserts look AWESOME I see them in my future ;)

  11. We do a big bake-off in Nov (here's the recap of our last one! I need to try some raw cookies though!

  12. ah!!! that doll is AWESOME. seriously the best thing ever!!!

    haha i'm off to bake some cookies later! but i'll probably use the stove haha but i'm pretty sure santa is gonna skip my house when he sees the treatsies you're leaving for him ;)

  13. Thank you so much for these yummy-looking recipes. My son and I can't do eggs, milk, soy or wheat and these are just up our alley and just in time for xmas!

    one question: what is lucuma powder and where do you get it?

  14. I don't bake, but I really want to try some of these raw creations. And I will after I get a new food processor (I only have a very cheap mini food processor, and I think I killed it by making too much banana soft serve; I don't think it was strong enough…)

    The doll skirt is amazing! All the recipes sound great. Thanks for sharing, Averie & Shannon Marie!

  15. Wow!!! amazing looking recipes. I got alot to start making!! If been working on trying to make an "eggnog" raw ball so the nog cream recipe is fanastic.
    Those beach pictures look wonderful. Wow. Clear water and white sand. Cant beat it!
    I actually really like to bake (not as much as i like to cook) but Im really starting to enjoy baking more and more. You have actually really inspired to cook alot more raw which I really love. Im still playing around with it alot but have been having a great time with it. Before though, Ive baked alot of vegan goods. Thats more or less what I grew up with so its a definite comfort for me.
    Thanks again so much for all the fabulous recipes!!

  16. ohh day at the pot seems fun!!!
    okay so now I am hungry again after seeing all those delicious goodies – especially the raw snickerdoodles :)

  17. This is a seriously tempting round-up of raw cookies! Thanks Averie and Shannon Marie!

  18. thank you for all the recipes!! this si going to be a great resource :) & i loove those adorable pictures

  19. Hi Averie!

    Looks like you are having a magical vacation. Love it!

    I actually have been doing a little holiday baking, although I actually hate to bake. But, my parents are coming and they expect the whole sha-bang. (And I'd like to have a few traditions for Ava as she grows up.)
    For Christmas dinner we are having crab legs, wild rice pilaf, asparagus, roasted cauliflower and a mixed green salad with your RAW CREAMY TAHINI DRESSING. nom, nom :-)

    BTW, I've been doing the hot yoga twice a week at a studio. I LOVE it and have never felt better. Can't wait to get together for coffee when you return.

  20. Great post and guest post! How did I miss the Samoas??? Those are my favorite!!!!

    I'm all mellow about the holiday because I finished shopping/shipping ages ago. I just cannot have the stress that this week is capable of bringing. I refuse.

    I do have to run out for a dish I'm dropping off at someone's Christmas Day, and we'll be having some sort of seafood that Chris will pick up at Pike Place Market tomorrow. Otherwise, our fridge is so full I'd just rather use up what's in there, which will probably mean a lovely seafood, kale, brussels sprouts dinner.

    I don't bake regularly as sweets are my weakness and plenty seem to find their way into my life without me even trying.It's nice to know though if I REALLY needed something I could whip up an unbaked treat. :)

  21. Holy moly! Those treats look SO GOOD!

  22. Hey Averie!!

    Wow this guest post is awesome! So many awesome and delicious sounding recipes. I love how creative everyone gets in the kitchen. Yum yum yum :D

    I am definitely a baker during the holidays. I think cookies and breads cupcakes, what hve you make wonderful gifts! Especially because I usually want to give everyone something lol. So it's budget friendly hahaha.
    My family was invited to a Christmas dinner and I plan on baking a Coconut Banana cheesecake with a chocolate macadamia crust. And I'm going to attempt to make a beet mosaic.

    p.s. the chocolate-covered gummi bears are actually a gift my mom brought from her recent trip to Germany. BUT the brand is Hachez so maybe you can find them online?? I hope!! Ahh yes the bathtub picture. I was actually thinking twice about it but then I decided oh what the heck there's nothing bad about it. But you look hot in your bikini anyway ;) So hopefully those comments were about how radiant and beautiful you looked!


  23. I am a baker for sure! I love it! The raw desserts intrigue me :)

  24. Thanks for that super guest post! Nice to know that there are numerous creative raw unbakers out there- I like to unbake for gifts b/c it's so easy.

    I go through phases of baking. Usually it is NOT good for my diet b/c small bits of dough find their way into my mouth (yes with raw eggs, I live dangerously). So I try to avoid it sometimes! Currently I'm on a nut-butter making kick! :-)

    Keep enjoying. Weather looks splendid!

  25. Thanks for introducing Shannon Marie to me and others! She's awesome! Those cookies all look to die for.
    Off to go visit your Nutridel giveaway now :)

  26. Great post!! I think tomorrow I'm going to get crackin' on making some of your recipes!

    For Christmas we're having typical New Mexican food.. pasole and tamales! But I'm also having some protein ice cream and cookies.. it's my birthday too!

  27. Mmmmmmm Shannon Marie is a raw dessert goddess!! These treats are so tasty looking!!

    I love your beach shots girl, you guys look like you are so relaxed this time of year when the rest of us are hustling and bustling!

    Love you!!

    You too Shannon Marie!!

  28. I love your blog! I've made a couple batches of your raw peanut butter cups and I can't wait to try the other cookie recipes! xx Jenna

  29. So many great recipes Shannon!! I can't wait to try them!

    Love, love, love the yoga gingerbread men: ) However do you find these things?

    As for baking, I have been a baking fiend! I think I have 200+ cookies in the kitchen right now. Guess what? I haven't touched a one and I DON'T plan to!!

  30. So glad to find other raw foodie mama's out here in blogland! Love all your recipes Shannon Marie and I'm so glad to have another site to check out for healthier treat ideas!

    Averie girl I'm off to check out your winter solstice post now – your thoughts and musing ALWAYS stick with me. I'm not kidding.

  31. I don't know why, but I get a huge kick when I see me, "Fredericton, Canada," arrive on the sidebar of your blog. I'm a dork :P

    I've done a little raw "unbaking" but I need to step up my game now that I have a food processor. One think I like about raw treats is that a lot of them use dates as a base, and I lovelovelove dates. I think I eat almost more dates than chocolate!

    My mom is finally opening up her kitchen and letting me provide a few dishes for Christmas dinner this year (she's usually pretty controlling about it, but it's way too much work for just one person). I'll be providing a few sides – sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce. And a healthy-ish apple pie for dessert. Can't wait! :)

  32. Hello PRETTY lady! How are you? Gosh, I just LOVE the beach pictures of you and your daughter (although, yes, I can INSANELY jealous :)). Great guest post. I am going to visit Shannon Marie's blog now for sure. I want one of those Cinnamon Mocha Crinkles. YUM.

  33. Guest posts are such a great idea – I didn't realize how many fabulous raw cooks and bakers there are out there! All the little delights in this post look amazing…thanks Shannon Marie! :)

    Averie I love Skylar – she is such a happy little girl…she has your loveable glow. I'm sorry I haven't yet responded to your email…I haven't had much time since my parents arrive and more family members arrive tonight. I promise I will write soon!

    Love to you and your fam..

  34. Wow, all of those cookies look incredible! Thanks for the amazing recipes:)

  35. Oh I love this guest post! I have never met ShannonMarie, and it looks like she's been around quite a while! Loving the raw dessert action. Fave recipes on this post would prob be the russian cakes, and the Hawaiian balls. YUM!

    You got it right, in the past years I've baked a whole heck of a lot, starting in November/freezing the dough and whatnot, but this year I've kept it simple- (Its nice not having to bake everyday, leaving me feel dough-stuffed, and on a sugar high. GROSS.) but there are still a few people that just want some yummy, butter/white sugar filled cookies. I don't mind baking 1 or 2 different items for those people, its the variety that kills me!

    I am giving away some of your PB cups in little baggies though this year!

  36. You are so talented with your gingerbread asanas (I LOVE THIS) and the raw gingerbread cookies and balls! They all look so good! And thank you to ShannonMarie for the RawDorable amazing recipes!

  37. YUM!!! This post makes me want to get in the kitchen and unbake :) Great guest post…two of my favorite ladies!!

  38. Made gingerbread balls today but used molasses instead of agave for a little more gingery flavor. Delish! Will serve them tomorrow for our Christmas eve party! Love me some Jesus!

  39. Wow those cookies look so mouthwatering :P

  40. so i thought i could just leisurely read along and not comment but i am on post #2 and it has proved impossible because i wanted to say thanks for the cookie shoutout! haha. ok. i will try to read quietly the rest of the time :P xoxo

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  49. When you commented on my blog and mentioned this recipe, naturally I had to dig through your archives and check it out ;) It’s truly incredible how much your photography has developed and improved since then. I’m impressed. Your beautiful photos (not to mention the delectable recipes) is one of the reasons your blog is as successful as it is :) This recipe looks like something I would make. I’ll have to try it!

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