Favorite Breakfast Recipes

Babble is hosting a contest until Friday 1/27/12 they’re calling “My Family’s Favorite Breakfast Recipe Contest”

and my Baked Chocolate Peanut Butter Donuts with Vanilla Peanut Butter Glaze are in the final 8.

If you could comment on that post saying something to the effect of your “favorite recipe was Averie’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Donuts”, I’d love it.

If something else shown there is your favorite, vote for that.


The contest got me thinking about some other breakfast recipes:

Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes (Vegan, GF)  Wrap in plastic and toss in your bag for a snack anytime.

Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffins (Vegan, GF) One bowl, mix by hand with a mashed banana, bake and enjoy 15 minutes later.

Baked Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze – They taste very similar to Krispy Kreme Donuts, but they’re baked, not fried.  Make as muffins if you don’t have a donut pan.

Vegan Gluten Free Pancakes

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bars (Vegan, GF) Makes 3 small bars. Eat one now, share one with a friend or kiddo, and wrap one up and take with you for later.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars (Vegan, GF, No-Bake, Freezer-Friendly) Can be made with or without protein powder and the variety of add-in’s used are extremely flexible based on taste and what you have on hand.

Wrap and freeze ahead extra bars for lunch bags or have on hand for ready-made snacks.

Blueberry Banana Recovery Smoothie (Vegan, GF) Add whatever fruit you have on hand, canned or fresh; add protein powder (or not).  Refreshing and filled with antioxidants and potassium.

Pineapple Banana & Coconut Cream Smoothie (Vegan, GF) Add fruit you have on hand, canned or fresh, coconut cream or another (nut) milk of your liking, protein powder or not.  Sweet, refreshing, filling.

Strong coffee with cream and sugar.  A breakfast of champions, indeed.

Baileys non-alcoholic creamer in coffee tastes almost identical to alcoholic Baileys in coffee, in case you don’t want to get sloshed at 7am with your java.

Also see the Breakfast Recipes page which includes breads, cakes, donuts, and muffin recipes.

And anything in the Dessert Recipes section will make a great breakfast, but of course.

Do you eat breakfast?  Do you think it’s the most important meal of the day?

I am not usually all that hungry when I first wake up so breakfast is more of a whatever meal for me.  Plus whether it’s yoga or a run, the thought of eating something and then trying to work out doesn’t sound appealing and doesn’t work for me having the food sloshing around.  I eat after I’m done working out; that’s when I’m hungry and ready to dive in.

What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

I’m going out on a limb here and going to guess oatmeal, smoothies, cold cereal, toast or bagels, and coffee are going to top the list.

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  1. Yes I eat breakfast!!! It’s my most favourite meal of the day. My standby morning favourite is protein oats made with unsweetened coconut milk, chopped nuts & raisins, and blueberries mixed in. delicious! I also like french toast with maple syrup and berries, or for a more savoury option i go for poached eggs and a ginormous plate of steamed spinach! Do you ever eat greens or veggies at breakfast?

    I also don’t eat a big meal if I’m going to exercise. Like you I wait until I’m done with my workout before digging in to something a bit more substantial.

    • Sometimes, yes, just depends what I’m feeling like. It’s usually more of a brunch than breakfast for me and just depends how much cooking I’ve already been up and what I feel like making and how ambitious I am.

    • Im new to this alkaline vegan diet. I just started this week actually. I had to reply when you said french toast. I have to know how you do this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ahh thank you so much for this! I’ve just spent the last half an hour trying to plan my day tomorrow, and thinking about what to do for breakfast, but I JUST discovered the last of your PB chocolate protein bars that I had all wrapped up in the freezer.. perfect !!

  3. I’ve voted, I hope you win! Those donuts look amazing!

  4. I eat breakfast after my coffee and workout. It’s usually some version of a homemade protein bar or smoothie because those whip up quickly and it’s easy to switch up the ingredients for some variety. I’m often running out the door with my breakfast (on the days I work) so I like the portability factor too. I voted for your donuts–good luck to you!

  5. Congratulations Averie!
    I’m also not very hungry in the morning, but I’ll always eat bagels (if they are not plain ones).

  6. just voted for your recipe!

    those blueberry oat cakes look amazing!!!

    my favorite breakfast would be oatmeal (but I go in spurts where I love it and where I seem to almost hate it), spinach, green beans, baked blueberry oatmeal, a smoothie…. or just plain ‘ol cereal sometimes is perfect. :)

  7. I’m a breakfast girl through and through. In fact, there are days where all I eat is breakfast – smoothies, oats, breakfast bars, omelets… I love it all. Oh, and can’t forget the pancakes!!! Just commented on the contest, good luck :)

  8. Definitely an oatmeal girl. I have yet to try the oatmeal cakes though. They always look so good. I need to remember those for the weekend.

  9. I’m the same way as you in the morning. If I’m planning to work out or is I don’t have to be anywhere for a while I put off breakfast until 11 or even noon. But if I’m heading out the door for a while I’ll force myself to eat something so I don’t have to pack something up. I just can’t workout with food in my stomach at all.

  10. I’m a breakfast eater, but not at breakfast time. My mom always tells me my eating schedule is whack. I eat when I am hungry, what can I do?

    Voted. I’m all about vanilla lately and I want those vanilla donuts!!

  11. All those sweet picture make me crave for sugar even more… mmmm, four more days of my sugarless life. Yes, I love breakfast, my favorite is four grains rolled oats with blueberries, and we eat it almost every day. On Sundays I usually make an omlette, or frittata, or pancakes.

  12. yes and yes. i am a new level of cranky if i haven’t had a sufficient breakfast by 9 a.m. my favorites are protein pancakes, baked oatmeal, yogurt bowls, and smoothies (in the summer… you couldn’t pay me to drink one during chicago winter)

  13. Congrats, how exciting! I just sent my vote in for ya! I have to wait until after I work out to have breakfast too. I usually end up having either a fruit salad, smoothie or oatmeal around 10. We did love your banana oatmeal cakes we made this week :)

  14. i eat right after i work out in the morning, or if i don’t work out.. i eat anyway haha love breakfast! if its a post workout breakfast than its usually a hugeee shake with frozen banana, protein, spinach, and chia + flax seed. if its a quiet morning or rest day its usually oatmeal with eggs, smoked salmon, pancakes.. and of course coffee :)

    voted for you!!

  15. Congrats on being in the top eight! Your recipe looks delicious! My breakfasts are always so boring…I need to spice things up a little :-)

  16. Voted for you! :)
    My breakfasts are all over the place. Cereal, smoothies, juices, granola, oatmeal, bites of last night’s dessert… Clearly I like sweet stuff in the a.m.!

  17. I love breakfast! I usually have oatmeal made with almond milk, topped with fruit and nuts or some sort of egg based dish. All of your recipes look great! I voted for you ;)

  18. heading over to vote now!

    My all-time favorite breakfast would have to be pancakes, but I do also love eggs over easy with toast and I LOVE baked oatmeal! I have a great recipe…

  19. Awesome Averie!! I am heading over there to vote for you now. Will also share on FB :)

  20. Sometimes a little yogurt with berries and sunflower seeds, sometimes some eggs, or if I’m in a hurry then a Lara bar!


  21. Hi Averie!! I just wanted to say Happy New Year etc!! Im sorry I havent commented much recently – Ive been lurking a bit but Ive been TRYING to avoid sweet stuff til I return to pre xmas slimness – and your blog is always a bit of a danger zone. BUT I havent forgotten your sweet email or advice AND look forward to coming back properly once I am the proud owner of a doughnut pan :) Take Care xoxo

  22. WOW everything looks delicious! I need more breakfast in my life so this is perfect for me :) I just printed out your pineapple banana and coconut smoothie recipe too! Trying that tomorrow! xo

  23. Great round-up! I am rarely hungry right when I wake up and like you I prefer to work out on an empty stomach. If I’m having a day working at home I typically have coffee right away (a must!) then eat hours later. I like a little yogurt with honey or granola, then have lunch later. Also, commented on Babble and said to pick you! Good luck :-)

  24. Those donuts look insanely good! I always eat breakfast, I pretty much wake up starving :) I usually just have something simple like cereal, oatmeal or a smoothie but occasionally on weekends I make pancakes or eggs.

  25. Congrats on making it to the finals! I will go vote now.

  26. Breakfast is pretty much the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning! I think it’s because I have to take my thyroid pill and then wait an hour to eat. Boo! I get really nauseous if I try to exercise without eating first, so I use the time to catch up on blogs and sip some lemon water. And then I get to eat! My absolute favorite breakfast is overnight oatmeal with an apple and chocolate peanut butter. So good!

  27. AHHHH CONGRATS!!!! I’ll vote, for sure!

  28. I think I may need to try those peanut butter donuts!!! SOO GOOD!! I recently bought a donut pan and have been dying to make something. I think I shall this weekend :) My usual go-to breakfast item is oatmeal. Quick. Yummy. Filling.

  29. WOW! I am going to have to try ALL of these. Everything looks yummy. One of my favorite breakfasts is cut-up mango, grapefruit and grapes topped with a tahini-honey-applesauce mix and sliced coconut. So delicious and filling.

  30. Jennifer | Mother Thyme Reply

    What a fabulous round up of breakfast ideas, they all look delicious! Just voted for your too! :)

  31. I just voted for your doughnuts, they look fantastic & have finally persuaded me to go and buy a doughnut pan tomorrow!

    I think I will make your vanilla doughnuts first though…it’s very annoying having a husband who doesn’t like the chocolate & pb combo but I suppose sometimes I have to keep him sweet!! ;)

    I love breakfast – usually porridge or smoothies, but at the weekends I tend to make sweeter things like pancakes and french toast…I guess I’ll be adding doughnuts to that list now too!! :-D

  32. CONGRATS!!!
    These treats look so amazing, I’m tempted to lick my computer….. :P

  33. I love those 3 minute microwave granola bars! I am always looking for quick and easy snacks for my 6 year old!

  34. I’m exactly the same as you when it comes to breakfast and working out. Once I finally feel the hunger pangs hit, I have a green smoothie, followed a bit later by something solid, like eggs or chicken sausage, or oatmeal. Weekends are sometimes more brunchy–a full on brunch might happen once on a Saturday or a Sunday, but never ever early. I’m JUST not hungry when I first wake up, and I refuse to force the issue.

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  36. I’ve been making your oat pancakes since you first introduced us to them. My whole fam LOVES them.

  37. I just voted for your delicious donuts! YUM!!! Those seriously look DIVINE!!

    I am never hungry when I wake up in the morning. I drink a cup of coffee and then go about my day. I am usually hungry around 11 or 12 and then I eat.

    I hope you win!! :-)

  38. I always eat breakfast and I do think it is the most important meal of the day. I usually eat oatmeal or toast and eggs. My favourite breakfast includes runny eggs and bacon.

  39. I used to be a non-breakfast girl, but after starting 5am workouts during the week, I *need* breakfast! So, I’ve made the most of that and now get way too excited about breakfast. Oatmeal with peanut butter is my all-time healthy breakfast. But, you really can’t beat donuts, on those splurge mornings!

  40. Breakfast is very important for me, but lately it’s been smoothies – even on the weekends. They just work so well early before work and before a weekend morning workout. But some amazing recipes here! keep telling myself I need to have a little more fun with breakfast on the weekends. :-P

  41. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It is quite possibly the best meal one could ever eat. Most of the time for breakfast I blend it up and it feels like I’m eating ice cream for breakfast. :)

    I made an excellent smoothie today that tasted like liquified chocolate covered strawberries. It was completely crazy delicious. And crazy good for you. I love chocolate protein powder.

    Thanks for all the breakfast recipes. I don’t really comment much on blogs, much more likely to lurk instead, but seeing all these fantastic breakfast recipes has motivated me to do so.

    (Plus, honestly, there’s only so much you can do with protein powder before it becomes zzzzzzzzz….)

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  44. I’m usually not hungry in the morning, but if I don’t eat breakfast, I will eat all day. ;)
    My favourite breakfast is something savoury, like brown rice + kimchi, quinoa + lentils + sriracha, oats + tahini + miso; or a savoury green juice (or smoothie). Sometimes a banana with tahini, chia, flax, hemp seeds when I’m traveling, I love that combo. I also make a microwave oat cake inspired by yours sometimes, it’s delicious :).

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