Candy Friday

I know Tina has Cookie Friday so I figured I’d try Candy Friday.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

1. No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

2. No-Bake Vegan White Chocolate & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (with Chocolate-Peanut Butter centers)

3. No-Bake Vegan “Turtles”

4.  No-Bake Girl Scout “Thin Mint” Cookie Inspired Fudge

5. No-Bake Vegan “Peppermint Patties”


6. Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate


7. Raw Vegan Caramels

3 ingredients, and yes, you must use all 3.  Don’t cheap out.  Someone always writes to me asking if they could substitute.  You don’t need more than 1/2 cup of the “expensive” ingredient, anyway.

Plus you can stuff them with nut butter.  Yum!


From my last post about Loving Spring, I’m glad that there are some signs of spring in your area and thanks for sharing your favorite things about spring.

This weekend we change the clocks to Daylight Savings TimeCan you believe it? It always feels so “officially” spring to me when that happens.


1. What’s on your agenda this weekend?

I am working, possibly getting together with a friend, spending time with the family, and carrying on with cooking, cleaning, meal prep, errand running.   Hamster on a wheel. It’s ok though.  I’d rather be busy than not!

2. Favorite Candy?

This is beyond hard for me to answer.

I prefer chocolate, usually, over say “sugary” candy.   I would take a Heath Bar over a box of Nerds.   Or a Dark Chocolate Milky Way over a Starburst.  It’s funny though, I haven’t had any of those candy in years.

I do go in streaks where I love sugary candy such as suckers like Tootsie Pops or Blow-Pops, though.

Really, when it comes to candy, I’m not that picky.

I really love Sees Candies, though. They are so good and until I moved to California, I had never had Sees, but am now a fan, forever.

3. Any candy that you’d like to see me try to recreate? Or any candy that you’ve re-created at home?

I can’t promise it will necessarily be “healthier” because in order to make candy, sugar and chocolate are needed.  So not sure that’s necessarily “healthy”, but it may be fun to try to make some candy at home!

54 comments on “Candy Friday”

  1. Butterfingers have corn flakes in the middle, and I’ve always thought about recreating those somehow… I bet nooch would help with the color in the middle! You should totally work that magic brain of yours and come up with some gluten-free, vegan Butterfingers!! :)

  2. Those Peanut Butter Cups look amazing. And I just ran out of all the ingredients!!
    Trip to the store!

  3. My kids and I have been gluten free and dairy free for almost 2 years now, and I have to say the candy I miss the most is Kit Kats, Twix, and Milky Way bars. Those were all favorites of mine, and none of them are gluten free (or dairy free, but I occasionally cheat with dairy and face the consequences later–no cheating with gluten, just not worth it). Being a full-time student and a homeschooling mom doesn’t leave enough time to experiment with recipes right now, so I don’t have a good substitute for these.

    • Lori I feel the same way with you about being a mom and having a job and there just not being enough time! We have thought lots about homeschooling and I give you major props for being a HSing mama!

      Gluten and dairy and cheating…I can relate to what’s worth it and what isnt :)

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  5. I am not a big fan of candies (besides chocolate, if that is considered candy) … but I do love MoJo’s.

  6. Somehow I got lost in this entry.. I must clicked on some links and went through a ton of your posts.. I just love how rational you are.. and I am so so so so so impressed with your physical fitness. I struggle so much with my weight.. it is very inspiring to read you!

  7. Now that is some eye candy you shared there! Fun!

    Being a make-everything-from-scratch person, I’ve made versions of all kinds of things, from filled chocolates to ‘peanut butter cups,’ etc–as have you also! I just shared a no sugar white chocolate recipe, which I like surprisingly well considering what a darkest of dark choc fan I am. (This way’s better for my adrenals too.)

    Very special birthday party coming up this w/e (Phil’s daughter’s turning 40) so I have some serious goodies-making fun to get into!

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  9. Just finished catching up on almost a week’s worth of your posts. You have been one busy lady!

    We are leaving for Barbados tomorrow, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be online. Time for fun in the sun :)

    Favourite candy: if it involves dark chocolate, I’m in. I go through phases of what I am eating candy / chocolate wise. When they came out with Bounty in dark chocolate I practically ODed on it ;) About 5 years ago, my thing was York Peppermint Patties, followed by Reese’s Pieces.

    Recreate candy options: Read suggestions of Snickers which would be great.

  10. AHHH please bake some candy for me!!!!!!! I need to catch up on your blog!!!! I miss you SO SO MUCH love!! love you! Have an AWESOME weekend!

  11. Yum, so many great recipes here, candy Friday sounds good to me!

    1. A half marathon Sunday and maybe going out to eat.
    2. Anything with chocolate really.
    3. Snickers. :-)

  12. On my agenda this weekend is a paper and presentation for school. Yay?

    My favorite candy is anything chocolate mint. I was obsessed with York peppermint patties, but now that I am cutting back on my sugar, I haven’t had any.

  13. I made your raw brownies the other day and oh my god! yum! your turdles i have to try carmal is my weakness i also saw you made a carmal maciato have to try!!!!! could you remake a kit kat bar???

  14. Candy! Especially all of the chocolate! I’m trying to increase my greens right now, but maybe just one bite…

  15. I love candy! And caramely things are my faves! Although I’m confused, what is the “expensive” ingredient in your raw vegan caramel? I have all of those ingredients in my house!

  16. Hello darlin!! well elts see…photography seminar this weekend. I got off of work this weekend for it. Ive had it planned for months so Im stoked. And a weekend off from work so double bonus! ha!

    Oh favorite candy..hhmm anything chocolate and PB for sure!! (Those PB cups are among my top fav!) have an amazing weekend!

  17. I love all your candies, but anything with chocolate is at the top of the list. (No surprise!)

    Working extra hours this weekend because another employee got fired. (Which is how I got my job; replacing a fired employee.) I have no idea what she did to get fired; nobody’s talking. Rob says I should find out to make sure I don’t make the same mistake! I’m not worried about it; I consider myself a model employee, plus I’ve become buddies with the president. (Never hurts to have friends in high places!)

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