I love a good sale.  I mean, who doesn’t.  When I was at the grocery store over the weekend I saw one, lone, seasonal bottle of Peppermint Mocha Coffe-Mate Creamer on sale for 79 cents and, on a whim, tossed it into my cart.

When I got home and used it, I am kicking myself I didn’t load up on this stuff while the gettin’ was good.

I use French Vanilla Coffee-Mate like it’s going out of style and I’m very loyal to it.  I like a little coffee with my creamer if you know what I mean.

Many times when I try other flavors, I am not all that impressed.

They’re either too fake tasting (some fake is okay of course) and taste nothing like the real thing (Hazelnut or Irish Cream), too intense and overpowering (seasonal Pumpkin Spice or anything with Cinnamon in it), or too boring (Creme Brulee) and at  the usual price of $4.79 each, I’ve learned to just stick with my beloved French Vanilla.

But this Peppermint Mocha is one I will definitely be snatching up next holiday season because although it’s minty, it does not taste like I am drinking a bottle of Listerine, which is always good when it comes to flavored creamers.

I hate it when mint overpowers things and with mint, that’s easy to do.

The first time I made Creme de Menthe Bars (No-Bake, Vegan, GF) I learned that with mint, a little dab will do ya, and add slowly because you can’t un-do mint.

I’ve had just a couple itty bitty teeny tiny cups of (new) coffee over the weekend in the new coffee maker.  Best $25 bucks I’ve spent in awhile.

Tiny cups of coffee are so wonderful.  Or something like that.

Gotta love the Big 20 ouncer.  I drink coffee at home in my go-cup because it’s a huge vessel and with coffee, the more, the merrier.

I drank hot coffee and enjoyed the 79F golden weather we had in San Diego all weekend.

It was picture perfect.

Not a cloud in the sky, no humidity, no bugs, no clouds, just 75 to 79F and sunny all weekend and today is shaping up to be the same.

However, I played nursemaid to a sick little girl all weekend and we didn’t get to spend very much time outside.  New school, new kids, new germs, but she’s on the mend.

I didn’t get any much sleep, thus the coffee.

And there may have been a couple Ritz Cracker Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups (No Bake) involved, too.

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Victoria @ The Pursuit of Hippieness

Do you use coffee creamer?  Any favorites?

I do like a little coffee with my creamer.  The creamier the better is my approach.

I prefer the Coffee-Mate line to the International Delight brand of creamers.

I’ve tried So Delicious Coconut milk creamers.  They’re fine but I prefer the highly processed ones to more natural coconut-based creamers, and the same can be said for Silk’s soy-based creamers.  They just don’t give me that ahhh feeling if I’m being perfectly honest.

But guessing from the fact that there are about 20 flavors at any given time with a constant rotation of seasonal flavors, and multiple different mainstream brands doing this; and sticker prices in the nearly $5 dollar range per quart (dictated by supply and demand), I know I’m not alone in loving my flavored creamers.  What are your faves?

How was your weekend?  What was the best thing you did or ate?

I’ve got to get to the oven and get this out before I have a burnt mess because it’s probably going to be one of the Best Of’s that I ate…

Have a great week!

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  1. I really like the pumpkin flavor! I love anything pumpkin, so pumpkin coffee, score!!!

  2. Nope, I don’t use any creamer … or sugar. I just like coffee black :-)

  3. OH man! Now I need a cup of coffee! What I do is I have a milk frother. Add a 1/4 cup of non-fat milk to frother, make coffee, add 1 shot glass worth of sugar free Torani syrup, like salted caramel, add frothed milk, sprinkles and I’m all good, only 20 calories a cup! I can live on this stuff! Now I am going to make some!

    I used to LOVE coffee mate coffee creamer, but I found I was adding way to much, consuming over 100 calories a cup, thats why I switched to the frother and syrup, way less calories!

    • Ok that sounds like a plan because I can guarantee you I am using over 100 cals per cup between the Vanilla coffemate AND the half and half. At 50 cals a tbsp or whatever it is, and I use…ahem…multiple tablespoons, I should switch to something like what you do. Sounds like your trick is still thick enough to really give coffee a nice flavor…sometimes when I’ve tried almond milk or other milk with coffee that’s not half and half or the french vanilla stuff, it’s just kind of like “dirtying” the coffee. It doesn’t flavor it, doesn’t really cream it up, pretty much just ruins it…Lol.

      • The coffee turns out just like a Starbucks Latte! It’s froth creamy and good. I bought my frother from Bed Bath and Beyond, one of my best investments ever!! I tried almond milk and soy milk and it’s just not good, not good at all! Blah!

      • Ok wow, good to know. I bought a milk frother electric gadget with a wire tipped end, from BB & B years ago. Never use it b/c I feel like it just makes a mess and the results weren’t worth it (AeroLatte or something like that…it’s sitting in my kitchen drawer…) But I only tried it with almond milk. Will try again with regular milk or half and half.

        Have also thought about just making my own milky/syrups in the Vita on high, whizzing til they get frothy but that also seems like a canister to wash & that has never appealed to me…but I am sick of paying $4.79 and all those liquid empty calories…I could be eating more cookies.

  4. I didn’t know coffee mate had peppermint mocha! I loved that flavor at dunkin donuts this winter! I did find an eggnog creamer that I fell in love with this winter though. Why can’t they keep holidays flavors around all year?? I get so tired of vanilla, caramel, and hazlenut!

    • I know…and caramel, and hazlenut, sort of taste the same to me the way they make them…there is a chemical/flavoring they use that seems the same…butterscotch, caramel, hazelnut all have some common ingredient. I wish there were more variety, too!

  5. is that a Manager’s special sticker from Krogers?! do they have Krogers in San Diego?!?! You must remember Krogers from NC…. :)

  6. i showed kyle this post an it made him very pleased since his internship this past summer was with nestle and he was on the coffeemate brand. in fact, the ad that went out in the newspapers for the holiday flavor that you have above was his design. anyway. just to make you jealous, nestle now gives us wayyyyyy too many products for free but neither of us drink coffeemate.

    • Oh wow, that’s crazy! I didn’t know he did anything of the sort. Why did I think he was in med school?! Or something like that?! And that’s why you guys are out here. Or maybe it was grad school, not med school.

      Anyhooo….My sister is in R & D for Wrigley and develops gum and her flavor was Maui Melon Mint that launched a few years ago. The irony is they chew so much gum in R & D that they don’t want to chew gum when they’re not at work.

      I’d love to take your Nestle surplus off your hands :)

  7. Well, I do like creamer in my coffee, but I am boring…I only use unsweetened, organic soymilk; 2 ingredients in it: organic soybeans and water. But, I steam it up and pour it over my freshly brewed coffee and yummmmm…..I love it!

    The best thing I did this weekend was sing some jazz tunes for a bunch of peeps…sooo fun! And the best thing I ate was probably my huge, green smoothie sweetened with NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia and Cinnamon. It was so thick from ice and good stuff that it was like ice cream.

    I am so sorry your precious Skylar was sick. I really hope she is on the mend soon. Sending hugs and well wishes her way! xoxo

  8. being lactose intolerant a,ternate creamers come in handy when I don’t want black. My friend treated me to Silk soy coffee creamer just before Christmas. It frothed reasonably well and tasted quite good. I do use powdered creamer to make my cappuccino mix with decaf instant coffee. Most of the mixes are too sweet and rarely decaffinated.

  9. I vote peppermint all year round…! I am pretty boring with my coffee though; I like it unsweetened with just a splash of nonfat milk. Your post might just make me seek out some peppermint mocha creamer though….I foresee a very addicting habit ahead.

  10. If they ever get the casein out of coffeemate I WILL BE SO FREAKING HAPPY. I will have like 3-5 flavors in my house at all time (instead of the 1 hazelnut for the husband).

  11. I sometimes use eggnog in my coffee – pretty tasty.

    This weekend we celebrated my mom’s bday and used our new raclette. It is AWESOME if you have a group of friends or family over. Everyone gets to make their own creations and you all get to hang out, talk and drink wine for hours while you eat!

  12. I learned a little dab will do you when a drop of the vanilla Stevia drops fell on my hand. I thought nothing of licking it off and realized that was waaaay too sweet. Some things are best mixed into others, not by themselves! lol

  13. You’re killing me with these recipes, girl! I’m just ending up another sugar-free month. (Lost the holiday pounds, yay!)

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