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Wow, it’s already Thursday afternoon…well that’s a good thing because it means just one more day til the weekend!  Yay for warmer weather and weekends, a match made in heaven!  Did anyone do anything for Saint Paddy’s Day yesterday or last night?  Did you chug a Green Beer?

I dusted off the ole Breville juicer and chugged a Green Juice
Breville Juicer

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Breville Juicer Logo[print_this]

Green Juice Recipe:
*1/2 head romaine
*3 huge kale stalks
*1.5 cukes
*3 carrots
*2 apples
*1 scant inch of ginger[/print_this]

This Fresh Produce Produced….

Ingredients needed for Green Juice

…30 ounces of green goodness!Container filled with Green Juice

This is my idea of a Green St. Paddy’s Day Beverage now.  My Green Jello Shot days are long gone!
Close up of Green Juice in containerThe Raw Bakery Treat was so good.  I unabashedly admit I savored every bite!

The Raw Bakery Coco Joy Bar
Side view of The Raw Bakery Coco Joy Bar

In today’s mail there was Tea and Goodies from Tazo!

Tazo Tea gift package ingredients
Passion and Zen Tazo Tea boxes
Including their New Tazo Zero Teas.  Zero Calories and Sweetened With Stevia
Three bottles of various flavors of Tazo Zero Teas
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 And this cool metal tea bag holder!

Metal Tea Bag Holder

An insulated carrying bag

Tazo tote bagOverhead of Tazo tote bag
Between this bag and yesterday’s bags, I am doing great in the reusable lunch bags department!
Reusable lunch bag with four pack of containers insideFour pack of Easy Lunch Boxes

And Tazo Sent me a French Press!

French Press on countertopTaken apart French Press

You all know how I love my Kitchen Appliances
Especially Ones That Have to Do With Coffee-Making…
Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Coffee Maker on countertop

Espresso Maker

Krups Espresso Maker on countertopDigital display on Espresso Maker

And I love my caffeinated Beverages

 Archer Farms S'mores flavored coffee
 Vegan Caramel Macchiato
 Close up of Vegan Caramel Macchiato
The Vegan Caramel Macchiato makes me happy and warm inside.   In addition to the fact that I don’t have to rely on Starbucks’ overpriced drinks also makes me happy inside!
 Celestial Tea Products on countertopBoxes of various Celestial Tea

But I Put the New French Press to Use moments after I broke into the box.

Close up of French Press

I admit to being totally clueless about how a French Press worked before today so this tutorial may help for those of you who are in the Dark with a French Press…

Add 2 Scoops of Coffee to the Bottom

Coffee ground in French press

Boil Water

Water being boiled in microwave

Add Water to the Loose Grounds

Water added to French Press

Cover it with the Plunger in the Up Position and let it brew for 4 Minutes

Covered French Press sitting

Push The Plunger Down and the coffee grounds get trapped down below

Plunger pushed down on French Press

Twist the lid so you can Pour the coffee out

Pouring spout on French Press

And Enjoy your French Pressed Coffee!

Mug full of coffee

Verdict:  Awesome Cup ‘o Joe!  I could have added either a little more loose coffee grounds or brewed it for another minute just for a little extra va-va-voom strong coffee because I love strong coffee, but no complaints and I chugged sipped this cup down lickity-split!  Thanks, Tazo!

Green Food was Zuke Wedges, Cukes, Brussles, Carrots, Orange & Yellow Peppers, Tomatoes, and I Dressed It with my Holiday Orange Spice Vinaigrette

Salad with vegetables dressed with Holiday Orange Spice Vinaigrette
  The Holiday Orange Spice Vinaigrette Recipe is sweet and light, especially perfect for warmer weather when I don’t want anything too heavy on my green food.
Close up of Holiday Orange Spice Vinaigrette dressed salad

Something about the warmer weather inspired me to make a Fresh Batch of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in container
Side view of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in container

The Raw Vegan Apple Crumble “Juice” is Cinnamon & Vanilla Extract infused Agave.  I like to drink the juice in shot glasses.  Kidding…but I totally could!

Close up of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in container
Crumble topping on Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

I ate this Raw Vegan Apple Crumble dessert tons over the fall when apples were in season, and haven’t made it much in the past few months, but it was time to break it out again!

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in container

Of course, I always have room for a few nibbles of Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

Hand holding Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

Chopped up Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate
Chopped up Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate in white dish
And thanks to so many of you who have written to me telling me that my Coconut Oil Chocolate Recipe is really a keeper and that you’re impressing yourself your friends and family with it!  I love hearing those kind of stories!

Yoga Today is Astavakrasana (8 Angle Pose)

Woman doing Astavakrasana (8 Angle Pose) yoga pose


Have you ever tried a French Press.  Do you have one?  Do you want one? 

Hopefully my tutorial helped de-mystify it for those of you who had no idea because prior to today, neither did I!


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  1. Averie,

    I am so sorry that people post rude things to you. I have been subscribed to your blog for a long time and have always found you to be light hearted and with a positive spirit. We need MORE people like that in this world to balance out all the harsh negativity. Although I have never fully understood how you stay thin and healthy with all the sweets and marshmallow puffed item you bake, I still think you offer a value to people through your positivity, great photography and healthy recipes.

    Hang in there Averie! It is so easy for people to say things behind a keyboard. You are TALENTED and are a gift to us!