Impulse Buys or Planned Purchases

When I went to Marshall’s last weekend for my new dishes

…I saw all kinds of fun, discounted food products.  Like dried fruit and specialty granola.

But I realized I can make my own homemade Vegan GF Granola for pennies per serving in 20 minutes.  So I passed on the store bought.


I also saw a great price on agave, until I remembered that ordering agave on is actually cheaper than the discounted price at Marshall’s.  Use code AVE630 at checkout to save $5 on your iHerb order.  For anyone who needs protein powder, supplements, stevia, hemp seeds, chia seeds, specialty flours, and more, iHerb is the hookup.  I’ve posted about it recently.

Oh and I love coffee!  This was exciting to me to see all this coffee at reduced prices.

The exotic flavors looked great but I remembered that I had just bought Cocoa Coffee from TJ’s.   I have plenty of coffee on hand.

I can prove that I am well-stocked in the coffee department with a Coffee Review post, where I reviewed enough coffee to keep a narcoleptic awake.


Moving on to these funny mugs that I saw, but I don’t need any more dishes.

I kept reminding myself that I was there to buy a few cute items for blog photography purposes, maybe some everyday plates, but not re-outfit my whole kitchen.  I have kitchen cupboards in which I can “shop” from if I need to, rather than buying more.

It was hard to pass up aisle after aisle but as I said the other day, I can exercise willpower and restraint like a “switch” and I kept the switch in the off position.  Mostly.

Here’s what I did buy when the switch was ‘on’.

From my last post on giggles and contagious laughter, it was fun hearing your stories of busting out with laughter for no special reason.

Breakfast/Snack/Dessert: Vegan GF Banana Nut Muffins

And if you absolutely need some chocolate in your life, try a Raw Vegan Brownie


1. Best thing you’ve ate or done so far this weekend?

I made something dessert-ish that rocked my socks off.  To be blogged about, soon.

2. Do you impulse buy? Or do you plan your purchases carefully?  Or, a mix of both depending on the item/situation?

I am a researcher on some items.

My DSLR camera, researched it tons.

My Macbook computer, researched it tons.

Makeup/Hair/Health & Beauty Products: Impulse buy with what looks fun, but also buy based on need.

Clothes: Impulse buys are less and less.  I gravitate toward wearing the same things over and over in my closet, and know myself well enough to know what I will end up getting use out of and what I won’t reach for.  I would rather buy what I know I will actually wear than just random things that look cute in the moment.

Food: I try not to impulse buy anymore even though I just posted about all the foods I’ve tried because of the blogosphere and trying anything once.   With impulse buys on food, I wind up with food that’s either over-priced, perhaps not very healthy (if we’re talking pre-packaged or pre-made food), or is something that I won’t use/desire in the long term.

When I first started reading blogs, I went through a trying everything I saw phase, but now, I am much more selective before I plunk down cash for something that I see on blogs.  I make sure that I feel I will really enjoy the product or if it’s an ingredient, that I will actually make the recipe I am buying said ingredient for.

How are you with Impulse Buys vs. Planning your Purchases? In related matters, don’t forget to check my recent Willpower & Restraint post.

49 comments on “Impulse Buys or Planned Purchases”

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  3. I can be implulsive, but mostly I have an idea or know exactly what I’m after when I go out.

  4. Rocked your socks off?! Can’t wait for that post.

    Best thing I made: Black & White chocolate cake.
    I’m pretty much a planned purchase person – and well researched too.
    The items I do buy impulsively are usually on sale, and something I know that we either need or use a lot. Then I will stock up while the getting is good.

  5. I have definitely learned my lesson in the past and now research big ticket items as much as possible, but I am a HUGE impulse shopper for piddly stuff. Alex is too, so we’re dangerous at the store together! :)

  6. I always buy on impulse. Maybe because i love shopping so much and i spend half a day in the stores when i do it. I usually go thinking i need to buy 1-2 small things, then i leave with 20-30.
    There are some offers you just can’t pass by. Or maybe it’s a disease i have. But i like the first option better :)

  7. I have a huuuuge problem with impulse buying! Lately I’ve been buying way too much food stuff that I know I don’t need.

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