July 2012 Recipes


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It’s the last day of the month and time for me to recap the noteworthy things I made this month:

Spinach Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper Cheesy Squares – If you like spinach and artichoke dip, that’s what these are, but in bar form and we loved them.

Spinach Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper Cheesy Squares on colorful plate

Homemade Peanut Butter

Homemade Peanut Butter in glass jar

Thanks to Pinterest, many people told me they tried making peanut butter at home and were surprised at how easy it is.

And how amazing it tastes.

Homemade Peanut Butter in glass jar and process

Cinnamon Sugar Crust Cream Cheese Danish Squares – made with an easy shortcut and remind me of Entenmann’s danish

Cinnamon Sugar Crust Cream Cheese Danish Squares stacked

Vinegar Recipes and Balsamic Glaze

Roasted Grapes and Balsamic Reduction with Cheese and Crackers

Cheddar Cheese and Olive Oil Savory Muffins

Cheddar Cheese and Olive Oil Savory Muffins

Chocolate Cake Batter Milkshake – One of my favorite milkshakes, ever

Chocolate Cake Batter Milkshake with cake batter on rim

Peachy Keen

Baked Orange Banana Coconut Donuts with Orange Coconut Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze

Barbeque Tofu with Pineapple and Mango (vegan, GF)

Barbeque Tofu with Pineapple and Mango

Rainbow Flag Recipes

Strawberry and Cream Smoothie

Corn and Double Cheese Dip – can be baked or served cold (vegan, GF, can be made reduced/no fat)

Corn and Double Cheese Dip on crackers

Vanilla + Ice Cream

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups and Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip and Cherry Blondies – Thanks to so many of you who made these within a day or two of the recipe being posted and who wrote to me telling me about it and what kind of customizing you did to your versions. I love that kind of feedback.

Chocolate Chip and Cherry Blondies

Homemade Thin Mints – vegan, no-bake, ridiculously easy

Homemade Thin Mints stacked

A few noteworthy and fun non-food posts:

Vintage Cast Iron

Vintage Cast Iron with orange handle and mini pancake maker

Thursday Things – Interviewed  and featured on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

Honored and humbled!

Bloggers we love: Averie Cooks and recipe examples

Oldies But Goodies

Vintage pastry cutter and rusted vintage pans

Aruba Bound

Aruba beach with outreach of umbrellas

What were the highlights of your July?

I tried to post plenty of no-bake and no-fuss recipes this month, especially since it’s the peak of summer. Very few people have the time or desire to stand in a (hot) kitchen all day and cook when it’s warm outside, or the kids are out of school, and the outdoors or your family rather than the kitchen is calling your name.

In non-food related matters, the antique shopping finds I scored were fun.

And of course, our month-long trip to Aruba that I knew I had coming was the total highlight.

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  1. I love these round-up posts! Now that I”m in school, its a bit harder to read everyday but I know I’ll find anything I missed right here. :)

  2. The Aruba pictures are gorgeous, I can not wait to see more once you are settled in. :)

  3. I adore the purple and pink backgrounds. I really need to go shopping for some gear to take food piccies with. I usually end up putting stuff on the floor because that’s more interesting than my scratched and grubby benchtop or table. So, I’m inspired, but not quite taking action just yet… ;-/ Soon. Will hit the thrift stores, I’m sure they are a gold mine of plates and table cloths.

    *thinks* maybe I’ll try grandma’s place…. she has awesome crockery and intricate table coverings..

    1. I like shooting pink/purple and bright colors and mixing it up instead of darker/natural woods – depends on my mood!

  4. Wow, still in shock that July is over already! Great recipe recap, my highlights were my birthday, making great strides in money savings, and surviving a crazy month at work.

  5. I can’t believe tomorrow is August!!! I haven’t even thought about my wrap up post yet. Yikes…I am super behind : )

  6. Wow! I don’t know which recipe I like best…thise cinnamon danishes sure sound delish though! Big congrats on your interview, what an accomplishment! I just kicked off my very first link party tonight, so thats a highlight from this month :) I would be thrilled if you would stop by! Aruba sounds wonderful, enjoy!!

  7. What a delicious, inspiring month!! I have got to try making our own peanut butter. Congrats on the BHG interview – so cool! My favorite moment from July was helping cook and serve an amazing sunset farm to fork dinner experience right on the farm with my husband in Vermont So special. Enjoy Aruba!

  8. Those blondies look unreal! I am going to make those as soon as I manage to eat up all my other desserts I have baked lately! I bake quicker than I eat!

  9. Great recipe round up–I’m thinking of making the savory muffin batter in my cast iron skillet this weekend. July flew by but my birthday was yesterday so I’m looking forward to a nice dinner out with my husband later this week. Much more fun to celebrate a little when I don’t have to get up for work the next am. Looking forward to your posts from Aruba!

  10. Awesome that you were interviewed in BHG!! I didn’t get to read Thursday’s things…Congratulations!!

    You are in Aruba now…soak up some of that lovely sun and enjoy yourselves. Can’t wait to see your yummy Aruba recipes! :-)

  11. Wow these recipe pictures just made my day! The homemade peanut butter and chocolate milkshake have got me sold!

  12. I’m so jealous of your month long trip. Like, I want to live at your house too and eat those delicious sweets, esp. those blondies!!

  13. those cinnamon sugar squares, as well as the artichoke squares are making me drool! they look so delicious! i hope you have a wonderful wonderful time in aruba!

  14. I love that you post a monthly recap in case I miss a post. I still can’t wait to make those cherry blondies!

  15. OH! And I forgot – I am dying to make those cherry/chocolate blondies. They are definitely a noteworthy and GORGEOUS recipe for your recipe box, Averie. So many adaptions, too :)

  16. Loving all of your July recipes. They all really POP – so much color, different flavors, and unique things I want to try! My faves are the Cinnamon Sugar Crust Cream Cheese Danish Squares, the Thin Mints, and the Spinach Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper Cheesy Squares! So glad you are able to get away and enjoy Aruba, Averie! Congrats again about the BHG feature, girl! My noteworthy things were a few very fun vacations with friends and Kevin, my super soft peanut butter cookies, and strawberry frosted donuts! YUM!

  17. You are so prolific in the kitchen- And beyond! It’s incredibly inspiring. Makes me feel downright lazy over here, too!

    1. LOL – you write books like it’s your job :) Hardly!! lazy!! I made it here and already went groc shopping for sugar :)

  18. The Chocolate Cake butter shake and the savory muffins are calling my name! as always, mouthwatering recipes and beautiful photos!

  19. WOW!!! You have had such a bust and tempting July ~ HAVE A BLAST in ARUBA :) Can’t wait to read your posts from there. XO

  20. The highlight of my July was my trip to Vegas, and also the jalapeno chicken that I ate earlier this month … it was THAT good!

  21. No bake and no fuss are always a plus during summer. Love all the pictures. Good thing I’m finishing up my breakfast ;-)

  22. Wow, what a fantastic month! Better Homes and Gardens, off to Aruba for a month and loads of great recipe and fun shopping finds!

    My July highlight definitely has to be attending the Olympics. It was a truly amazing experience :) But who knows, something amazing may happen today to blow that out of the water! :)