March 2012 Recipes

In keeping with my plan to recap the noteworthy food and recipes that I made for the month, here’s what I made for March 2012:

Caribbean Citrus Mahi Mahi with Brown Rice Noodles (Gluten Free)

Egg-in-a-Nest Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites (No-Bake, Vegan, Gluten Free)

Oreo Cookie Stuffed Brownies with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Cheese Recipes

Fig Butter and Cumin Tempeh Stir Fry (Vegan)

Caramelized Bananas

Strawberry Banana Bread

Puffy Vanilla and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Homemade Horchata (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Soy Recipes

25 Saint Patrick’s Day, Green Food, and Irish Recipes

Chocolate Drizzled Banana Smiley

Coconut Peanut Butter Magic Cake Bars – My favorite dessert of 2012 to date!

Microwave Strawberry Vanilla Mug Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Glaze

Tempeh and Cucumbers On a Stick with Brown Sugar Balsamic Reduction Dip

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

Milk Bar Mondays: Cinnamon Bun Pie

Cookie Butter Recipes

Orange Glazed Chilean Sea Bass with Dill Cucumber & Orange Champagne Relish


Noteworthy March 2012 Events

Changed my blog from Love Veggies and Yoga to Averie Cooks

KitchenAid, Cookbook Releases, and Photography Event

Writing Workshop

Write Your Heart Out

Babycakes Treat Team Member announcement

Previous Months Recaps

January 2012 Recipes

February 2012 Recipes

What did you make or do in March that was memorable?

I made quite a few things with both strawberries and bananas separately, and then I combined them.

Most memorable recipe of the month are these bars. Also my favorite dessert of 2012 to date.

And this is a close second.

Fanciest meal ever to hit my blog is the Chilean Sea Bass.

Most surprising number of views on FoodGawker was this. I better come up with a homemade version, pronto, as it seems people want it.

Most memorable two days I’ve had in ages was this one and this one. They recharged my batteries, inspired me, helped me connect with others who share my same passions, and were just awesome. I loved them

What’s on your to-make or to-do list?

Thanks for the Lemon and Orange NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway entries and have a great weekend!

32 comments on “March 2012 Recipes”

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  2. Great information. Averie I hope you keep writing more blogs like this one. Very valuable information Averie.

  3. The sea bass was wonderful, especially with the relish! I would never have thought to put dill in with oranges but I’m glad I tried it. That will go into the fish rotation!

    • Thanks for this comment and feedback, Paula! Glad you liked it and the dill + orange combo is so nice and refreshing. Especially in the summer. You can use that combo as a marinade for anything from chicken to tofu to fish or just as it’s own salad. Something about citrus + dill is really nice.

  4. I don’t think I have made much that has been memorable in March … it has been a crazy, busy month with my thesis work and work work.

  5. Oh my gosh! Your pictures are so lovely… So lovely! Everything looks delicious, but my favorite is the fig butter tempeh. Like the new blog name too!

  6. I love how colorfull and creative all of your recipes are!

  7. Hmm, memorable March…well for my blogging I’d say it was doing a waffle week:
    With the most genius waffle-egg invention:)
    For life Match was memorable cause I booked more jobs than I had in the last several months. Never rains but pours!

  8. Congrats on an amazing month! Thanks for the recap–of course I’d noticed your blog’s name change, but hadn’t seen the announcement, so it was good to catch up.

    I’ve been loving my snow-spirulina smoothies lately, just as the snow finally starts to recede!

  9. LOVING all of March’s recipes Averie! i cannot get over that chocolate drizzled banana smiley. could there be anything cuter on a plate?!

    my march was VERY memorable for my blog. first time i made it onto food gawker! i also signed on with Zesty Blog Consulting (used you as a reference!!) who is now working behind the scenes on a new design for SBA. i also bought LR 4 (another recommendation from you!) and won 3 amazing baking emulsions from your giveaway that i already used once this weekend. can’t wait to blog about them! thanks for everything Averie :)

    • Wow, I think you’re my biggest fan :)

      Zesty is great.
      LR4…considering you never used LR3 you probably can’t tell me anything of how it differs but I’d love to hear your feedback!

      And those emulsions…I have been loving them too!

  10. Such gorgeous pictures…seriously looks like professional restaurant food!

    I can’t get over that oreo stuff brownie. That had to be incredible.

  11. Too many beautiful photos, I literally cannot pick a favorite.
    I love your food photos!!

  12. Love the re-cap–it helps remind me of recipes I didn’t get around to trying yet. I actually found sea bass so that is on my to make list this weekend. Will let you know how it turns out! I’ve been spring cleaning (and thinning out) my closet. Feels good to get everything re-organized for a new season!

  13. Great recap! I still smile seeing that banana smile. Such a fun afternoon snack idea.

  14. wow – march a very busy [and delicious looking] month for you! I’m loving your variety!

  15. Great list, March was a busy month for you! March was memorable for a few recipes for me including my first gnocchi attempt. And attending the Fresh & Easy event, but not a horribly exciting month overall.

  16. I loved your chilean sea bass recipe. It was a fun switch up from the sweets and it looked so.damn.good! When I look back on what gets the most views on FG, I’m baffled sometimes. Like your pizza, so weird and confusing right? It’s definitely a pretty picture, but it’s just pizza! haha. The internet is a strange, strange place…

  17. does that babycakes cupcaker maker work well? I’ve seem those for cupcakes, donuts, etc and have been debating on buying one. But then I’d have to justify my purchase and make even more baked goods!

    • Yes it does and I have some posts lined up for the future I plan to do…It’s a 20 dollar item, give or take, which I consider in the “cheap thrills” category so if you think you can get 20 bucks of entertainment and fun from it, yes, it for sure works. And if not, good ole muffin pans or donut pans work, too. :)

  18. wow what a great month for you! love reflecting back, it makes you appreciate everything a little more and see all you accomplished.

  19. I think so far the grilled kale from the other day has been the highlight. You made some seriously awesome looking dishes I must say. I really need the strawberry banana bread though!

  20. That pizza looks to die for and perfectly photographed. Homemade version welcome :)

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