Last Minute Craziness


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My day Friday started insanely early.  As in a 4am wakeup in order to leave the house by 5am for a 6:30am flight from San Diego to Phoenix, and then Phoenix to Mexico City.

I thought I was really well-organized and that my evening Thursday was going to be fairly mellow.  Well, as mellow as it can be living amidst boxes and being just days away from our official move into the new place.

Moving boxes

Boy, was I wrong!  It was not a mellow evening!

It was full-fledged last minute craziness!

I had to pack my suitcase, toiletries, take care of loose ends like mail sorting, bill paying, preschool dropoff details for Skylar, unload the dishwasher, do two loads of wash, it just went on and on!

And I had get everything else organized for my trip:

My Macbook and “bookcase”

computer case

 All my camera cases.  And my never ending gear and card readers, battery packs, USB cables were all packed, too.  I am a walking Radio Shack store.

Camera Case 1

camera case

Camera Case 2

camera case

I had to go grocery shopping to make sure Skylar and Scott had food to eat over the weekend.

fruit and veggies

I made a Cheezy Veggie Bake for them to eat.

Cheezy Veggie BakePlanned leftovers will save Scott. 

And planned leftover give me some peace of mind that they have something other than No Bake Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting to eat.

No Bake Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to chomping on my Orbit Pina Colada Gum

Orbit Pina Colada Gum

 I love this gum but had not had it in ages.

I have 3 packs now.  Which should last me more than a week.  Unless I am feeling extra chompy.

Orbit Pina Colada GumGum and airplanes go hand in hand.

I’m glad you liked my new house pictures from my last post and lots of you dislike noise, too.  But some of you are fans of the decibels and aren’t bothered by noisy environments.  Just don’t live in the flight path of any airplanes, ok.


1. Do you find that you’re running around up until the last hour before a trip, even when you think you’re “all set” and pretty much ready?

I never used to be quite this bad, but having a child, going away, being in the middle of a move!! took last minute-ing to new levels!

But, I got it all done.  Whew.

I managed to go to bed for about 90 whole minutes.  That’s what airplanes are for: sleeping when you’re exhausted!

2. Weekend plans?

Clearly I will be making photos, experiencing Mexico City, and meeting new people.  Trip of a lifetime

I did have to say goodbye to this precious one.  Really the first time I’ve been away from her for longer than 24 hours but she’s in good hands with Daddy over the weekend. Even though I was teary-eyed!

Young girl standing with straw in mouth

They normally spend lots of time together anyway over the weekend, so this weekend it’s just extra.

Young girl holding mans hand

I will be sure to blog as I can and keep you all updated!

Keep the entries for Two Cookbooks for Two Winners Giveaway coming.

(This post was brought to you by the marvels of auto-publishing on a timer.  I am in the air flying the friendly skies when it’s set to publish, in case you’re wondering)

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  1. Oh yeah, I am absolutely running all around the house before a trip, even when I think I am totally ready. But, the hubby is worse!

  2. Not really in relation to this post, but I’ve been meaning to mention that your incognito camera bags are fab!!! I bought a ‘plain’ bag too and just carry my camera wrapped in a, well, velvety wrap thing, but I am ever so worried that it might get damaged. Your suggestion of a padded insert is brilliant! I didn’t know such thing existed and I will hunt one down immediately. Thanks so much for the tip!

  3. Have so much fun! I can’t wait to hear about your trip. It’s super easy for me to travel since I’m the only one I have to worry about, and I’m super organized. No family meal preparation for this girl!

  4. I always try to be super organized so that I’m not running around like crazy, and yet it doesn’t always seem to be working out! I hope you got some sleep on the plane :)

  5. Funny!! Your hubby is “incognito”!!
    You are super duper organized. Wow.
    You could easily make zillions of dollars helping other people do that.
    People who have ZERO ability to organize.
    Ummm….NOT that I know any, or that I am one. :)

  6. Every time I travel, I have the same experience you just described! Traveling has become dreadful due to the craziness during the weeks, days, hours, and minutes leading up to our departure, which sometimes continues when we reach our destination or in transit! Gah! LOL, life.

    I hope once you were on the plane all the stress melted away. :)

  7. omg have so much fun at your workshop in mexico city! take it all in yo uwil have such an amazing time! you really are a super mom :)

  8. And you still posted a blog post!! You really are superwoman.

    I haven’t ever had a last-minute unorganized trip like that but there was one flight that I almost missed. It was at 6 am and I was spending time with my new boyfriend. No sleep before that flight! ;)

  9. now the big question is, averie, will scott and skylar stick to the pre-planned groceries and meals?! sometimes, dads don’t always keep to the plan! :) but yes – if you did not organize all the details, and take care of everything…there’d be big trouble!
    usually before a trip, i have everything ready with time to spare…however, i don’t have a child to take care of! or a move to plan!
    orbit gum – oh man, do i miss that! i discovered it in florida last july and brought home oodles…it’s fantastic!
    enjoy your intro to your mexican adventure!

  10. Hope you’re having a smooth trip so far! (and for the duration, anyways!)
    I’m kind of the same when it comes to packing – there’s always some sort of last-minute scramble! I think it’s mostly brought on by paranoia, though. “Am I SURE I packed _____?”

  11. Using catching up on blogs as my doped-up post-surgery activity ;) Which means I’m only just learning about your move! Gah! How awful. I hate moving, and yet still do it all the time. I can only imagine how much more hectic it is with a kid. Hopefully the worst of it is behind you and now you can kick back and soak up Mexico. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  12. a cheezy veggie bake is exactly what i need to prepare- might be just what i need to get me out of my constant baked kabocha squash habit!


  13. Yes, when I go on a trip, no matter how prepared I think I am, I’m always scrambling at the last minute!

    Have a safe trip!

  14. Yikes, sounds like madness! Agreed, time to relax and enjoy the trip! :-)

    1. Sometimes, depends on the trip and how last minute details ares.
    2. Tomato fest, running, and relaxing.

  15. Relax and enjoy your trip.. I told you that you deserve it and are going to be busy when you get back!