No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites

I don’t find air travel exciting, fun, or glamorous.

In fact, I find it to be one big cattle call steeped in chaos and stress at best, and nearly a strip search and patdowns at worse at the security checkpoints.

The only thing that makes air travel better is when I find out I may be flying Delta airlines.


Because I love Biscoff cookies!

Up until recently it was nearly impossible to score Biscoffs unless you were flying Delta

That’s been changed and you can now order them online or there are certain grocery stores that carry them.

Maybe some of you are just as Biscoff-crazed as I am. 

If you’ve never had a Biscoff, I’d say it’s a marriage of a ginger snap cookie and a graham cracker and a crispy molasses cookie with the best blend of spices, seasonings, and crunch.  Love them.

And you can order or buy Biscoff spread now, too.


If you really don’t want to order Biscoffs and can’t buy them in your area, you can use graham crackers or ginger snaps in this recipe.

Enter the No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites

It’s no secret I love peanut butter recipes

And chocolate recipes

And so I combined those two loves into this recipe

I also have a thing for no-bake cookie dough bites and balls

Because I’d much prefer to no-bake than actually turn on my oven and bake

Unbaking just means it will be a shorter amount of time before I can dig into the finished product!

It took me about 10 minutes, tops, to make these.

I’d rather sink my teeth in sooner rather than later.

Wouldn’t you?

Because who doesn’t love raw cookie dough?

And peanut butter cookie dough spiked with chocolate chips and Biscoffs really hit the spot.

These bites taste like real peanut butter cookie dough and since they are vegan you can eat as many of these raw dough balls as your little heart desires.

These are what I mentioned I was creating



No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites (Vegan, almost GF, see notes for easy adaptation)

1/3 c cashews (unsalted, and raw if possible)

1/3 c oats (whole rolled oats, not quick cook)

1/3 c Biscoff Cookies (or graham crackers or ginger snaps, see notes below)

2 tbsp brown sugar

1/4 c peanut butter

2 tbsp agave or maple syrup (or combination)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 to 1/3 c chocolate chips

Yields: approximately 16-18 bites

Directions:  Add cashews, oats, and Biscoffs  to Vita-Mix or food processor and grind into a fine powder.  Then, add brown sugar, peanut butter, agave, and vanilla extract, and blend again.  Remove dough from Vita and place into a bowl.  Add chocolate chips and stir them in by hand.  Roll balls by hand and place in refrigerator or freezer for storage.  Will keep for week(s)/month(s) in the freezer.


If you don’t have Biscoff cookies, use graham crackers or ginger snap cookies

If you don’t have cashews/oats, I’m sure that most other types of flour will work (almond, wheat, pastry, white, etc.) in place of grinding cashews/oats into flour

To make this entire recipe Gluten Free, use:

GF graham crackers such as these


Use 1/3 c cashews + 2/3 c oats and omit the Biscoff/Graham crackers entirely


If dough is soft or difficult to work with, refrigerate/freeze for 20 minutes prior to forming into balls.

If the dough is too dry, add more peanut butter or agave, a small drizzle at a time.

If the dough is too wet, add more brown sugar or more dry ingredients, i.e. crush another Biscoff or graham cracker and stir it in


Gather your ingredients

Add the dry ingredients to your Vita or food proc


Add the remaining ingredients.  Blend again.

Stir in chocolate chips by hand and roll into balls.


These are just as good as they sound

With chomp marks to prove it

I mentioned in the past that I store all my dessert bites and balls in the freezer

I had these in the freezer in advance of their big photo shoot debut and here’s what they looked like coming right out of the freezer

And here they were 5 minutes later

It really does not take long at all for them to come up to room temperature

In 10 minutes, they were ready to munch

I have other versions of peanut butter cookie dough bites:

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with a High Protein Option, & GF)


Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls (GF)


Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls (or Sunflower Seed/Almond/Cashew Butter, & GF)

See, I told you I love peanut butter recipes!


1. Have you ever tried Biscoffs? 

Yes, and it was love at first bite about 10+ years ago!

It’s only recently that I don’t have to beg flight attendants on Delta flights for extra and then put them in my purse so I can bring them home for a rainy day stash.  Yes, I love them that much.

2. Do you like graham crackers, gingerbread cookies, molasses cookies?  Fave kind of cookie overall?

I say that I love peanut butter and chocolate, and I really do.

But, when a gingerbread or molasses (or snickerdoodle or oatmeal raisin cookie) is done right, (i.e. soft in the middle, chewy overall, with barely hardened edges, and the flavor is spot on) there is nothing better!

3. Any no-bake cookie bites/balls recipe requests?

I may have already made it (I have about 30+ different ball/bite recipes in this post) but let me know.  I’m up for a challenge.  I think.

P.S. Last reminder to enter the Healthy Snacks Giveaway

87 comments on “No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites”

  1. Oh yum! Maybe I am crazy, but I have never had a biscoff cookie before! I know I know, I am missin out! But If I ever fly delta, I’ll be sure to get one!! :) these look Soo good! I love no bake balls! They are the perfect snack!

  2. Averie: these look so yummy! And Biscoff cookies are actually vegan to begin with!

  3. Oh I LOVE Biscoff cookies. I clearly remember the days when you could only get them on a Delta flight. That was one more reason I was always excited to fly home on breaks during college. :) These sound and look so darn good–I’m drooling over here!

  4. I guess I’ve never had that brand period. I hate flying. Hate everything about it. I get super anxious, claustrophobic, panic attack. All bad.

  5. TJ’s makes their own version that taste pretty much the same. At 5 buck instead of the almost 8 at the grocery store I think it’s an amazing find!

  6. My local rite aid sells biscoff cookies! Both a blessing and a curse… I always keep my doughballs frozen- makes them harder to eat too many at once! Hahaha. My favorite cookie lately is at whole foods, they make them and sell individually by the muffins called “vegan molasses cookie” everything your soft centered crispy edged spice loving self could ever want….

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  8. nice work, averie! the biscoff fans will adore this invention!
    i’ve never had biscoff! and i am wondering why because we flew delta at least once to aruba, over the years – either i didn’t know what it was, at the time, or we were not offered any???…unfortunately, i’m not that much of a fan of molasses/ginger/graham cracker cookies…but since your recipe contains CHOCOLATE CHIPS, my interest is suddenly very high!!! add chocolate chips to pretty much anything and i am in!
    enjoy the rest of your sunday!

  9. Girl these are fun dough bites!! Dang your blog is looking fresh & fabulous. I am digging all of your new updates. Shows off your recipes & photos so much better. Have a great rest of the weekend! xo

  10. I had some of those cookies on my last flight, and yes, they are good. I’m a fan. My favorite way to enjoy them is to dunk the edges into hot, sweet, black tea that’s been spiked with some cream. Yum!

  11. I love those cookies! I stock pile them whenever I fly! :)

  12. Oh I only recently tried Biscoffs for the first time. They were randomly out for sample at the grocery store so I gave Meghan one. She immediately asked for another and then another so I finally tried one. I agree–they are amazing!

  13. Biscoffs are one of the main reasons I love flying Delta too! :D

    I actually used to buy the original spread, Speculoos, and have it shipped to the states! This was years ago, I first had it on vacation and have loved it since.

    These sound great, I may have to give them a try.

  14. Kath always blogs about her love of Biscoff! She also has the spread. Reading about Biscoff on her blog made me want to fly Delta just to try them! Haha!

  15. These look absolutely amazing, so creative! And your pictures are amazing, great color and composition!

    1. No, I don’t think I ever have. Gasp, I know!
    2. Yes, very much.
    3. Something with Red Vines. :-P

    • thanks re “pictures are amazing, great color and composition!” — you make dessert balls too so you know it can be hard to get the proper composition on something small and well…raw isn’t always
      “pretty”.. so thanks for saying that :)

      and biscoffs are vegan!

  16. I’ve only had biscoff cookies on flights — they sure are tasty dipped in coffee!

    I love these — and the picture of your bite marks is awesome!

  17. I recently tried Biscoff spread for the first time (won it in a giveaway actually!!) and it was love at first spoonful. Oh yeah, didn’t even let anything get in the way :) I don’t normally fly delta, but I know I have something to look forward to if I ever do!

  18. Awesome! Never had these before…I need to check it out!


  19. I have never had a biscoff– but if you can make them into a spread, what could we do with homemade chocolate chips (or any flavor) cookies?! I swoon at the possibilities ;).

  20. I fly all the time for work and 99% of it on Delta (it pays to stick with one airline…major perks :)) I hoard Biscoffs like it’s my job. When I get upgraded to first, I specifically ask for extra ones just to take home!
    These no bake balls look amazing. I love all your ball recipes <–there's no way to say that without it sounding horrible, haha. Can't wait to try this one with my stash ;)

  21. Haha…I fly Delta JUST for the Biscoffs :-) I would LOVE these…

  22. I just ran into your blog and I love it! The photography is incredible and the food looks delicious. I want to eat it all!

  23. Did you know that biscoff has a “biscoff bites” recipe on their site, too. Theirs and yours both look scrumptious, cuz when it comes to balls and bites; the more the merrier!

  24. Such a neat marriage of cooked and raw cookies. Love the pics, especially the ones where you can see the chomp marks! You are so creative, and I love it when you share recipes. If not just for the photos. I have never had the cookies you are talking about, but I have gone through my phase of ginger cream cookies! There was a coffee shop in Calgary that made the BIGGEST ginger bread cookies ever, stuck two of them together with cream cheese frosting, and made me swoon. I got one once a week for over a year. They even made me a really big four layer one for my birthday, and they iced happy birthday on the top of it! I can totally understand your love of your favorite cookies. Also, every girl goes through a peanut butter phase, and some of us just never grow out of it. What do you think it is about peanut butter that is so irresistible?!

  25. They are really growing in popularity! Did you see the Biscoff balls I posed a few weeks back? I used coconut flour and they were fantastic! It’s actually on their website now:

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