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I’m so glad you got a kick out of my last post, hair salon blogging, and the pictures of me with foils in my hair.  Yes, keeping it real.  Always.

Here’s my new and freshly touched up color.

Photos courtesy of my iMac’s built-in camera and the Photo Booth program.

No cut, just highlights.

Ba-bye root regrowth. I can’t believe I am posting that picture, but whatever.  I’ve posted foil pictures already.

It was my first time using the built-in camera since I got this computer and it’s so much easier than trying to balance my DSLR in one hand, while doing it in reverse in a bathroom mirror, with a huge lens covering half my face, and somehow trying to snap a decent picture.

Why didn’t I think to use Photo Booth sooner or with my old computer?  I’m a little slow on the uptake, apparently. But I’m on board now.

I’m also on board with:

1. A freezer full of cookie dough balls and bites.

I reached for High Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls yesterday.

I always store extra desserts in the freezer that way no matter what I’m in the mood for, it’s likely I have something along those lines waiting for me in cold storage and it just takes 10 minutes or so to come back to room temp.  Good as new.  That was my grandma’s method for 90 years and if it worked for her, I’m on board.

2. I’m on board with beautiful yellow calla lilies from the farmer’s market

Aren’t these so vibrant and striking?  I could have taken pictures of them all day.

They remind me of the calla lilies I saw in Aruba a few weeks ago.  And whoa, that trip feels like a lifetime ago already.  Sigh.

3. I’m always on board to spend time with Skylar.  She doesn’t know it’s fireworks weekend yet.  She’ll be thrilled when I tell her!

4.  Bowls of popcorn.  Always on board with those.

Popcorn, How I Love Thee.

I have an entire popcorn recipes section I love it that much with a variety of blends and combos.

Adding nooch, cinnamon, sugar, stevia, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, coconut oil, ginger, maca.  <– All at once, or just some of those at once.   It’s all good.

5. Sex on the Beach

I’d be on board with either variety.

6. Yellow Peppers, Sugar Snap Peas and Spicy Doritos Cheezy Dip

Totally on board for some raw crunch + dippage



1. Have you ever discovered something new on your computer that you had no idea existed that has turned out to be helpful and useful?

Do tell because we can all help each other learn things.

My tip for those that aren’t familiar and have a Mac:

To do a screenshot, you hold down three keys at once: Command + Shift + 4

And then you can “draw” the screenshot size, it saves it to your desktop, and you can upload the screenshot to your blog, email, or other files.  Pretty basic but maybe someone doesn’t know that one.  I forget half the time what the three keys to hold are.

Also everyone raves about Instagram for their iPhone.  I don’t use it.  Maybe I should be?

2. What are you On Board With?

And Keep the Bamboo Travel Skirt Giveaway Entries coming!

67 comments on “On Board With”

  1. 1. I have a Macbook Pro and it took me the longest time to realize all the keypad strokes and their functions but now that I know, they are total time savers. Gotta love those Mac tricks.

    2. I am totally on board with all this sunshine we’ve been having here in southern PA!

    And thanks for keeping it real, as always! Your hair looks super fab, by the way.

  2. Well not recently on my computer on on my iphone!! I visited my friends in NYC this weekend adn she showed me all of these cool things on my iphone that I NEVER knew about! like how to close apps that eat up battery and shutting on webpages…very cool!

    i love you hair! looks perfect for summer time!

  3. Those yellow calla lilies are soooo beautiful! The pictures are fantastic. I hope you’re saving them for upcoming “things.” :)

    No one makes me crave: fruit, veggies, or popcorn as much as you do!!! LOL I’m on board with fresh, wholesome, yummy eats inspired by Averie: Goddess of the tropics and fresh foodie.

  4. “I’d be on board with either of those” in re: sex on the beach. I don’t know why but it made me crack up. Just wanted to say hello, my friend! :)

  5. Awww I hope my last post inspired you to check out the photobooth application! Isn’t it fun?

    Okay, quick request. Can you come over and bring some of those choc chip balls, and some nacho cheese dip? We’ve got a lot of gossiping to do and I’m HUNGRY!

  6. Not gonna lie, I am not so down with the second kind of sex on the beach. Sand. Everywhere. I AM on board with the fact that I leave for my vacation on Saturday! Oh, and to do an iPhone screen shot you hold the top button and the bottom circle button at the same time. You’ll see the screen flash white and voila!

  7. The hair looks great, and you’re so tan!! I haven’t used my Photo Booth yet either, but I just discovered Mac’s screenshot working on a presentation the other day. Awesome! Also, the stickies widget is awesome for making lists!

    I’m definitely on board with the week of nice weather we’ve been having up in New England!

  8. Those flowers are just beautiful!! And so is your hair :-)

  9. Your hair looks fabulous! :D

  10. your time at the salon was worth the investment, averie – looking good!!!
    haha – we used to give my mom a hard time as kids because no sooner would the cookies be out of the oven, but she’d pop then in freezer to keep them fresh. guess what – of course, i do the same thing, now!
    i’d LOVE for someone to show me features on my blackberry and laptop – i know there’s a ton of stuff i am not making use of. some day!
    we’ll have fireworks this weekend, too, for canada day! skylar will be thrilled, eh!

  11. Thank you for your oh so sweet comments on “Snippets”. Your energy for photography is going to be so fun when you hit those Mexican markets with Penny. I cannot wait to hear all about it. Truly! On your other topic: what have I learned recently? Definitely learned lately how to do “dyptchs” on Photoshop Elements. I had the 30 day trial but it has now expired so I need to decide whether to purchase it. I find doing most anything on it…very difficult!

  12. I’m pretty sure I would be on board with you adopting me, although I would be a bit jealous because Skylar is so freaking adorable. However, your spirit and your dough balls would be enough to seal the deal. ;)

  13. I just have to ask: do you really post at 4 am?!? What are you, superwoman ?!? ;) I am loving this blog!

  14. Those flowers are beautiful. I always forget how much I like calla lilies until I see them.

  15. I am on board with Fridays…ugh…just ONE MORE DAY!

    Brooke Annessa

  16. I love love love bamboo clothing! I buy the brand Zhai. Too bad I’m worlds away so I cannot join the contest!

  17. The sex on the beach made me laugh this morning.

    I’m excited for Canada ay, its tomorrow!

  18. Popcorn recipe section?! You totally just made my day!

  19. Your hair looks great!

    I’m continually learning new things about my Mac. I feel like I’m wayyyy under utilizing it evertime I learn a new trick.

  20. Hair looks great! Fresh highlights are seriously the best! Those yellow callas are just gorgeous. I’m on board with the weekend being almost here :) Baking today for our Body Step launch tonight, Water (I can’t seem to get enough these days), Frank & Josh :)

  21. You’re so cute :) I might be getting a MAC! I’ll be making the switch from PC to Mac. Hope the Apple store can figure all of that out for me…

  22. You hair looks great. Yum on the cookie dough balls, I should try freezing my hemp seed fudge balls.

    1. On our new one yes because of all the various parts hubby installed on it – I think it has like 20k USB ports. :-)
    2. Making it to the 3 day weekend with my sanity after this week at work!

  23. Your hair looks fabulous Averie! I love getting mine touched up… gives me that little extra confidence boost. :)

    Wow, those are such good-quality pictures from your computer! I’m totally impressed. I recently discovered the “Snipping Tool” on my PC laptop. It’s awesome for doing posts and for sending my dad screen shots when my computer is having issues.

  24. Instagram really is great! You should definitely try it!

  25. I’m not on board with both kinds of sex on the beach. Guess which one I hate?

    I am on board with those lilies though. Ineed some bright yellow sunshiney flowers in my life right now. Or just sunshine. Its dreary today.

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