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Yesterday I replenished my produce stash.

Various Produce on countertop

I got everything at the regular grocery store.  Grapes were on sale for 88 cents/pound, vine-ripe tomatoes were 2.49/pound, oranges were on sale, basically it was one big sale-fest.

Close up of grapes and tomatoes

I buy everything at the regular grocery store or TJ’s, except….

Jar of Vegenaise

…..Vegenasise.  I went to Whole Foods for that singular item.  Walk in, don’t stop, don’t browse, you will get sucked in$$ if you don’t have a clear mission.

I needed to replenish my Vegenaise stash so I could make more Vegan Slaw Dressing

Jar of Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Edamame salad topped with Vegan Slaw Dressing

Sometimes I make Broccoli “Salad” (minus the bacon and sometimes minus the raisins, i.e. so  just plain broccoli) and that gets smothered in slaw dressing.

Head of broccoli

Overhead of Jar of Vegan Slaw Dressing

Or sometimes I’ll make Horseradish Relish Dressing with Vegenaise.  No charge for the extra kick that comes with it.

Horseradish Relish Dressing

And I went to the post office, mailed a parcel, and replenished my stamp stash.  I try to pay all my bills online and do everything as paperless as possible, but sometimes I can’t avoid using snail mail and need stamps.

Box on countertop ready to be mailed

I do try to avoid paying retail for all dry goods, household goods, protein powders, body wash and tons more and order everything from

I order things like:

5 pounds of bulk white stevia powder

Bulk bag of White Stevia

to Liquid Vanilla Stevia

Container of Liquid Vanilla Stevia

to bulk cinnamon orders and re-filling my existing jars and saving $30 in the process

Four containers of cinnamon

to Nooch for 15+ recipes that I use it in

Container of Nutritional Yeast
Inside Container of Nutritional Yeast

to using iHerb for the probiotics and other supplements I take

Box of Probiotics

I highly encourage you to give iHerb a try.  And never pay retail or WF prices again!

If you do try iHerb, you can use code: AVE630 at checkout to save $5

From my last post about my new camera bag, thanks for the compliments on it!

And thanks for letting me know if you’re purse and bag junkie like I am and what, if anything, you’ve ever had custom-made.

Dessert: Chocolate Macroons (Raw and Vegan)

If you don’t have a dehydrator, feel free to bake them in your oven.

Chocolate Macaroons on dehydrator tray

Close up of one Macaroon


1.  What do you buy online vs. in a regular store?

I love saving money by ordering my bulk items, non-perishable food items, and dry goods online.

Produce, certain specialty food products, my Target trips, my trips to the mall and MAC store, well, those things I buy in a real store.

2. What have you replenished lately?

I replenished my produce stash at the grocery store.

I replenished my nooch, probiotics, and steiva stash from iHerb

I replenished our clean clothes by doing laundry

And I replenished my sanity by going on a glorious run in the 70F and sunny weather and then I came home and did 20 minutes worth of workout moves in my garage.

Palm trees and blue sky

What have you replenished lately?

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