I may be jumping the gun here, but fall really seems to be in effect here.

It’s chillier than it has been, a little overcast, and feels like it’s football tailgaiting weather <— which for me is my cue to head to the mall, not tailgate.  Priorities.

San Diego

Lots of you were so surprised from my last post that I have only turned on my A/C once, for an hour, all summer.   Trust me, I don’t like to suffer and am all for turning on my A/C when needed but I actually turn on my seat heaters in my car at night.  Laugh if you will, but my seat and I are happy being toasty.

Coastal Southern California is extremely temperate.  For about half the year, it’s in the high 60s/low 70s and yes we have our spikes to 80 or 84F, but not too often.  In the winter, the daytime highs drop to the 50s/60s and in the evenings it can get into the 30s/40s.

But it’s moderate here, 50s-70s, for much of the year and we have lots of clear (and sometimes crisp days).

Palm treesEveryone thinks it’s always bikini and shorts weather here.  Wrong!  You’d freeze!

The ocean and coast really moderate the weather here so unlike my Minnesota and Chicago roots, we do not have those cold colds, and those hot, humid, and sticky hots.  I also lived in North and South Carolina and San Diego doesn’t get anywhere near as hot (or humid) as those places.

It almost feels like I should break out my slow cooker or at least put a pot of soup on the stove

Spicy Vegetable, Corn, & Bean Soup

Spicy Vegetable, Corn, & Bean Soup

All my soups are dump it in one pot, boil for 45 minutes, and soups ready.

Spicy Vegetable, Corn, & Bean Soup in white bowl with spoonI don’t sautee, then add, then transfer, pureee, none of that.  No time to be bothered.

Or maybe a pan of Salsa & Cheezy Baked Beans & Veggies would hit the spot.  And make planned leftovers.

Salsa & Cheezy Baked Beans & Veggies on foil lined pan

A one pan, use what you have on hand, vegan meal that impresses nonvegans and football fans alike

Plated Salsa & Cheezy Baked Beans & VeggiesAnd use up all your odds and ends potatoes, carrots, and random veggie drawer surprises in the process

For dessert, it’s time to break out the homemade Dark Rum Caramel Sauce and apples I’m thinking.

Overhead of Dark Rum Caramel Sauce on plate with apples

I’m glad you liked my Friday Favorites Post

And Katie just told me that my White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars

Two stacked White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars on plate Are on the Most Favorite of the last 7 Days first page of FoodGawker.  Thanks to everyone who’s gawked.  I’m flattered.  One of my sweetest, richest desserts that I hope you make, not just gawk at.

And thanks for the entries on the $150 Anderson Seafoods Giveaway I just started!


1. What foods are you excited to make now that there’s a little chill in the air, or there will be a chill in the air soon?

2. Weekend Plans?

I’m working, hopefully spending some time working on recipe development, maybe taking my camera out to play, and will be spending time with my BFF

Young girl laughing

Enjoy your weekend!

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