Hi Friends!  Well Monday’s pretty much over.   That’s good.   I don’t really like Mondays not just because it’s the end of the weekend but because it feels like I have way too much to do on Mondays and everyone seems to need something from me and my phone, voicemail, and email all explode at the seams!  And today, my car almost exploded. 

Over the weekend, this yellow light came on on the dashboard.  I really didn’t think much of it because sometimes those sensor lights just come on for no rhyme or reason.  Well, today as I was trying to back out of my garage my car was extremely hard to steer.  I drove the not quite 1 mile to the gym and back home and it was clear that something was very wrong.  The whole car was shaking, trembling, hard to steer, going faster than 15 mph caused the whole car to shake and freak out.  

Thank god Scott doesn’t leave for his business trip until tomorrow and he came and tried to drive the car to the dealership.   He got on the expressway and realized it was not drive-able so he had to get it towed to the dealershipWtf.  The car is a leased vehicle with 16,000 miles on it.  It’s a German import and I have been driving these for years and have never, ever had car problems.

Scott just called to say it’s a snapped front steering rod.   I know nothing about cars and don’t care to learn so this means nothing to me other than it’s going to cost me money.  Not sure who is going to cover what...us, the insurance company, the dealership under warranty, but something tells me I just unexpectedly walked into some major damage to my Amex.  Ugh.  Always something!  This is precisely the reason I started working part-time, to help with extremely unexpected stuff like this!

Despite being in Monday Mayhem mode, I did get to the gym for a great workout.  After taking a couple days off from the actual Gym and using my Home Gym, I can appreciate the place more.

After the gym, I came home and found that Terra Chips sent me some Chips & Recipe Guide

Four bags of Terra Chips
Terra Chips Summer Entertaining Guide
I’ve had both of these in the past and they are great!
Terra Chips in Original and Blue


New to me but since they have Garlic in them they will go to Scott
Terra Chips in A La Mexicana


And I am the only blogger yet to try kabocha squash.  Guess my first kabocha experience will be in chip form.  Not bad, I’ll take it!  I know everyone from Heather to Katie are fans!  
Terra Chips in Exotic Harvest
Random aside, every time I type kabocha (squash)  my fingers try to type kombucha (beverage).  Guess I have ‘booch on the brain.   Must have been all those male hotties coming over all weekend picking up Scoby’s from me!
Terra Chips website information
 Thanks Terra Chips!

Green Food:  Romaine, Sugar Snap Peas, Tomatoes, Cukes, Edamame

Edamame salad with Vegan Slaw Dressing
Close up of Edamame Salad with Vegan Slaw Dressing

I dressed it half and half style.  

Half With Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing using Reduced Fat Veganaise

Vegan Slaw Dressing with ingredients in background

And half with Foods Alive Sweet & Sassy Flax Oil Dressing

Bottle of Foods Alive Sweet & Sassy Flax Oil Dressing
Ingredients on Foods Alive Sweet & Sassy Flax Oil Dressing
Bottom of bottle saying with agave and vinegar
Agave & Vinegar, and Flax Oil, can’t go wrong there


Nutrition Facts on Foods Alive Sweet & Sassy Flax Oil Dressing
 Negligible sodium content, too.  Score for me because I hate added salt!


It’s a sweet and light dressing, and it does have a vinegar kick but it’s not overwhelming.
Salad with Foods Alive Sweet & Sassy Flax Oil Dressing

I picked up some corn at the store for 20 cents an ear.  Love that.  And have my corn bundled and ready to go in plastic.

Wrapped ears of corn
Two ears of corn wrapped in plastic wrap
If you are not a fan of plastic wrap, I’m sure you could use something else that you like instead.  Not sure about wax or parchment, but you could try it.

I mentioned here that you can make corn in the microwave very easily

Wrapped ears of corn in microwave
Corn off cob close up
And for those of you who are cringing at use of the Microwave, I Posed About Microwaves and My Thoughts about if they are Evil or Not

If you think microwaves are evil, you can also do the Over-Roasted Corn Method

Corn on foil lined panCorn in pan in oven


After Roasting
Overhead of roasted corn
Side view of corn on pan
This method is so easy!  You just have to plan ahead a bit more whereas with a microwave, you don’t.
Open corn showing cob and kernels


From Yesterday….
Sounds like there are some Lip Balm Addicts right along with me after I posted about my new lip balm stash 

Various lip balms lined up
Hand holding Mint Chocolate Lip Balm
Burt’s Bees brand kept being mentioned as a favorite but you all didn’t seem too picky.  Just anything on your lips.  Me too!

Thanks for telling me you liked seeing my pictures of my meetup with my friend, Diana.

Two women standing next to eachother smiling
She’s awesome and Tuesday I am getting together with my friend Jenny.  Will be posting about our time together tomorrow.


Finally, over committing, overextending, and saying Yes when you really should say No struck a chord with many of you because the comments indicated that many of you are either currently guilty of Saying Yes too often or that you used to over commit yourself and have worked hard to change your ways.  I am a work in progress on that.

One thing I need to do is say Yes to Real Life more.  That’s one Yes I will be happy to say!  I think many of us need to work on that since we all seem to have so much screen time.  Too much, I’m sure.

Yoga Today is My New Issue of Yoga Journal that arrived

Yoga Journal magazine

Dessert is the Vegan Chocolate Softserve I made yesterday!

Multiple bowls of Vegan Chocolate Softserve
 Take one of these pre-portioned, pre-made bad boys from the freezer and enjoy!  Scott told me this is “Professional” and I should sell it.  He is such a sucker for chocolate “ice cream”.  As I have mentioned, I am more of a chewing girl than an ice cream girl.  Raw Dessert Balls for me!

Close up of one bowl of Vegan Chocolate Softserve

Vegan Chocolate Softserve

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Upper Body Workout

I also really need to get started on my workouts from Lindsey with the month of virtual personal training that she’s giving me.  I confess, I have just been so busy getting my Home Gym set up, starting a part-time job, and with Scott traveling so much, I have played it tried-and-true and gone with what’s familiar for me at the gym and home gym, but I need to look over things and dive into Lindsey’s program

Tip of the Day: My TofuXpress Tofu Press Give Away!

Tofu Press
Have fun everyone!  Thanks TofuXpress!


***The contest ends on Wednesday, August 4, 2010***


Click Here to Enter!

Oh here are a couple weekend pictures of Skylar and me. Not sure why we look so red in the first and green/yellow in the second.  Lighting issues, but of course.  Oh well.

Woman kneeling down next to child smilingClose up of woman and child smiling

1. Favorite Chip or Cracker?
My Kale Chips are a current fave chip!

Stacked kale chips in container
The Kale Chip Coating is good enough to eat as a dip, a sauce, or with a spoon.  Ha! Katie told me she made something similar and dug into it full-force and gobbled up her veggies with extreme ease with this noochy action all over them!
Kale Chip Coating in blender
Kale chip coating being poured over kale in bowl
Hand holding Kale Chip

Fave Crackers for Me would either be Mary’s Crackers in Black Pepper or Original, or my Knock-Off Homemade Version of Mary’s Crackers. 

i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers! 
Stacked Vegan GF Crackers
Hand holding one Vegan GF Cracker
 Vegan GF Crackers i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers!

What are your fave chips or crackers?  Do you ever make your own?

2. Do you like to mix or combine salad dressings or are you a one dressing at a time person?  Or how about with other flavors/things?
Scott is the King of combining dressings and flavors.  He is the type of person that at a fountain drink dispenser (and he doesn’t drink much of it) but he can do a dash of Diet Coke, some Tea, some lemonade, some Dr. Pepper, you name it, he can pour it in!  With dressings, I normally stick to just one, or a one main one, and a dash of something else, i.e. a dash of mustard

3. Best Thing you Ate or Did Over the Weekend?
Me = my meetup with Diana and my time with Scott and Skylar!

4. Have you ever had car problems and ended up in a tricky or unsafe situation?
Thank god that I was not driving somewhere far from home with Skylar in the backseat as this situation could have been far worse from a safety perspective than it is.  And so glad that Scott is home to help me handle it.  I really hate cars, car trouble, and dealerships.  I am not one to “leave it to a man” (remember when I re-organized my garage and wrestled with hundreds of pounds of boxes to make way for my home gym) but I am not too proud to say, I am happy to have the help and to relinquish this “situation” for him to deal with! 

Growing up in rural Minnesota, I have sat many times on the side of the road in -40F temperatures literally thinking I would freeze to death if help did not come.  Ice and snow and frigid temps there and driving through hurricanes in the Carolinas, I have been in my fair share of natural weather conditions and scary moments on the road! 

How about you?  Any scary road stories or car trouble stories for you?

Stay Tuned For pictures from my Meetup with my Friend Jenny

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