Got an iPhone

After my post about possibly switching over from Blackberry to an iPhone, and reading everyone’s fabulous and glowing reviews about their iPhones, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I bought an iPhone a couple days ago!

So far I am loving it!  And it’s been fun playing around with how I want my screen display to look, wallpaper, banners, settings, apps, and just customizing and accessorizing my phone.

It even makes phone calls.  Imagine that.

I got the 32 GB rather than the 16 GB.  It was $100 more for me to get the bigger storage phone but based on my Verizon plan, I will basically have this phone for 20 months.  And I didn’t want to regret possibly “outgrowing” the storage space.  I already downloaded my iTunes library onto it, which was a mere 2000 songs.

And being that it has a great camera plus HD video recording options, and being the blogger and obsessive picture-taking-fiend that I have turned into, the extra storage space for pictures, videos, music, podcasts, etc. was well worth the hundred bucks for peace of mind.

So far the touchscreen has not been too terribly hard to adjust to.  This was probably the #1 concern I had which had previously deterred me from switching.  I will admit, I am still faster on the actual Blackberry keys, but with practice, I think I will get faster and more accurate with the touchscreen.  And it also helps if I turn the phone sideways because each “key” is bigger that way.

From my last post about Drinking Water, thanks for all the great comments about how much water you drink, and if you have to try to get enough water in or “force it”, or if you’re naturally a hydration pro.

My iPhone purchase calls for some celebrating and chocolate!

Maybe Raw Vegan Brownies (Raw, Vegan, GF)….

Maybe Coconut Oil Chocolate (Raw, Vegan, GF)….

…Or maybe Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Raw, Vegan, GF)

Or there’s always Buttery Nipple Shots(Not raw, vegan, or GF)  But tasty and perfect for celebrating!


1. Do you want to get an iPhone?

Yes, see this post.  I had been contemplating this for a few years.

2. Apps.  What are your favorites and why?

This is like asking what is your fave blog and why.  There are just so many to choose from!

I don’t really want gimmicky things, I don’t need games or have time to play solitaire on my phone type thing. But I would love useful apps that enhance my life and are useful and practical rather than technological clutter or time-sucks.

3. Accessories.  Any faves or recommendations?

I got a $49 accessory bundle that included a case, a car charger kit, and 6 screen protectors that I can change as needed.

The bottom half of this case slides off so that I can dock it in my Bose sound system or in any other “dock”-based system without having to take the entire case all off.

I’ve seen products on various blog posts in the past (but wasn’t paying much attention) that protect iPhones, but if you have any cases or screen protectors or accessories you love, tell me about them!

I was able to buy insurance on the phone for $11/month (which sure beats a total replacement cost at full retail value, i.e. $750) if something happened, but I’d like to prevent damage, scratches, etc. rather than using the insurance.

4. iPhone Tips & Tricks, please!

Fill me in on your best tips.  I found these tips but I like hearing better from you what cool little tricks you’ve figured out or discovered.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  Be safe and have a good one! Any plans?

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  1. Ahh im so excited for you I cannot wait to get an Iphone !

  2. My must have apps that help me: facebook, tweetdeck, wunderlist (to-do list manager), iBooks, Jotnot pro, and dropbox.

    All great. I think the only one I paid for was Jotnot pro.

  3. Yay you got it Averie!!! You will LOVE it!! If you use Google Reader, there’s a mobile RSS reader that is awesome and free!! It makes stalking on the go that much easier ! ;)

  4. Congrats on making the switch! I’m contemplating the same thing…my blackberry contract runs out tomorrow! I think I’ll be making the same decision. All those chocolate goodies are making me so hungry!!!

  5. I would love to get an iphone. I have an itouch and love it!

  6. I don’t have an iphone yet. Maybe soon-ish. Congrats on yours!

    As for apps: Shazam! Get it. I DO have Shazam on my Bberry. It’s an app that lets you figure out what song is playing. Say you’re out in a store, a cool song is playing, and you want to know who/what it is. You just activate the Shazam app and hold the phone up. It listens, then matches the song, along with the artist. It gives you the option to download it or tag it so you can refer back to it. It’s pretty awesome.

    If you already know about Shazam, hopefully the above will be useful to someone who isn’t familiar.

    Have fun with the phone and a great weekend.

    Oh, made your carrot cake balls today. Subbed walnuts and coconut flakes for the oats. They were awesome! My friend loved them and so did I. We used tons of pumpkin pie spice. Yum!

  7. congrats on the iphone! i can’t live without my yelp app. it always tells me where to eat nearby including places i’ve bookmarked!

  8. Jealous. In a totally accepetable way ;)

  9. You’re going to love it!!
    I have an old iPhone because I don’t want to upgrade and give up my tethering!!! I’m not huge on apps :)

  10. wahoo!! we got an iphone a weeks ago…love it!! You are going to love it too!

  11. I really have become addicted to your site! i love your recipes and pictures! You asked to let you know when i tried the No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites. I made it for me but my 3 year old and 1 yr old wanted a bite and they stayed until it was all gone! But the bite that i did have was very good. The 3 yr old is a hard one to please with my new healthy endevour. My 8 yr old is a natural healthy eater and my 1 yr old digs anything RAW but my 3 yr old is going to be a hard one to convert. The carrot cake bites are a good step in the right direction!
    Im so glad you made the iphone purchase! It is one of my favorite phones (and I’ve had a lot).
    My sister and I are new fans of the Raw Vegan Brownies! But my ultimate favorite recipe
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…Genius!!! It works wonderfully in my Blendtec blender!
    Thank you!

  12. Hi!
    I have not yet done the I-Phone, not ready for the change, but soon. ;)
    Do you love it so much more than Blackberry?

  13. Congrats on your fun new purchase!!!! I hope you super love it! :D

  14. I don’t know if this counts as an “accessory” … but the Grove makes amazing bamboo iphone cases:

    Congrats on your switch over!

  15. I just get confused thinking about this stuff. I’m going to grill you about it in a couple weeks to see what you think when the newness runs off. I think I’d go nuts with the apps and ending wasting even more time than I do now.

    Glad you got it and are loving it!

  16. iPhone apps: most I delete after a week realizing I never use them (all free-i have yet to purchase an app)

    The one I use almost daily & love & it’s FREE is Photoshop Express or PS Express. The iPhone takes surprisingly good photos but I love to be able to quickly crop, flip, adjust brightness/saturation, or even switch to Blk&Wht.
    It also allows fast easy uploading to facebook and such if you do that stuff.
    It works awesome and I recommend it to anyone who takes lots of pictures with their iPhone.

    Have fun with it!

  17. Ooh I am so curious to hear what you think of the iPhone vs. the Blackberry. I’ve had a Blackberry for about 6 months and I love it, but it’s my first smartphone so I had low standards to begin with. I have Sprint so I can’t get an iPhone anyway but I’m still curious. How do you think it compares to the Blackberry?

    And if you get some great recommendations of apps you should share them — I haven’t really figured them out too well. I do use Poynt sometimes to find things around me and map directions, Pandora for music, and UberSocial for Twitter.

  18. The iPhone has changed my life in the week I’ve had it! I’m obsessed. Just posted my fav apps:

    So far the FlickStaker is the most useful throughout the day. And Sleep Cycle really does work – I got up early every day this week using it!!!

    I was sent a cool “tips” .pdf by a Apple-guru friend. Let me know if you’d like it and I’m happy to forward.

  19. Woohoo, congrats on the iPhone! So, is it better than the Blackberry? :-) I’ve never used a screen protector on my iPhone 3GS and I haven’t had any problems with the screen scratching over 1 1/2 years I’ve had it and it’s been through multiple drops and clunking around loose in my purse with car keys, etc. I decided not to get a screen protector when I heard they can be annoying, bubble and make the screen harder to read. Plus the 3GS and I’m assuming the 4 have an anti-smudge layer on the screen that works impressively well.

    1. I have a 32GB 3GS and we’ll probably upgrade to the next gen in June.
    2. RunKeeper to track runs using GPS, Shopper to maintain multiple shopping lists, Ego and BlogThis for site admin and monitoring – the WordPress app is okay for being free, but crashes frequently. Also FaceBook and Simply Tweet, CalenGoo, Words with Friends, Amazon and Target apps, news apps like Digg and the New York Post. And so many games, I’m always trying new games.
    3. I currently have a Seidio case on my phone that I’ve been using for over 1 1/2 years and it still looks great. I went through two cases before, including the pricey Encase, that either started peeling in weeks due to my hand lotion or the color started rubbing off on my hand.

    • thank you for your recs!

      i just downloaded runkeeper and checked out seidio…nice!

      and downloaded twitter/FB stuff already.

      i dont have any bubble weirdness w/ the screen keeper, a 3 pack was $14.99 but it was buyone/getone free at verizon so really i got 6 for 14.99. But good to know that after less than perfect use, you still dont have scratches, despite purses, keys, etc. yay!

  20. I’m so Glad you got an Iphone!!! esp because all your other techie stuff are all macs anyway!!
    make sure you get all the fun photo apps. right now i have hipstamatic and camerbag. love both. :)

    my fellow yoginis and i are having a Vision board party tomorrow nite!! we’re each bringing a bottle of wine and a snack…any recommendations? something sweet or savory, vegan/vegetarian/raw and totally yummy. I made your vegan cookie dough before and they were so good! so thinking of doing that again. just sucks bc i don’t have a vitamix and so the cashew didn’t get pulverize as well as yours in the picture! :) still delish though…

    • the chickpeas!
      they are in my roasted veggies/sides tab

      or homemade hummus (dips/spreads)

      or spring rolls w/ peanut sauce (entrees)

      any dessert but the special k bars are awesome as are oreo balls
      if you want “healthy” try the raw vegan chocolate mousse

      i could go on and on :)

      what a fun party, i wanna go!

  21. I would think the biggest advantage to having an iphone would be syncing it with mac computers – I run 3 Macs + my work Mac and my android phone is just not having it. It drives me batty :) However, with that being said – as long as I stay with Sprint (family plan) I don’t have to pay a dime to the rents. So clearly, a free android phone trumps a non-free iphone :)

  22. My favourite apps: Facebook, Twitter for iPhone, Urbanspoon, Runkeeper Pro, Convert Units (because being a Canadian its frustrating when things are in imperial and I don’t know what 72F is in celsius…which my phone tells me is 22.2C ;) ), and AllRecipes. If you do ever feel like playing games: Skyburger, Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, and Word Scramble! I rarely ever play games on my phone other than if I am on a plane, ferry or any other form of travel.

    You will LOVE the iPhone! A good tip is the hard reset. If your phone ever seems sluggish, hold the standby button and home button simultaneously and keep holding (even through the “Slide to Turn Off” bar) until the phone shuts down by itself. If the phone turns on by itself right after do this same thing again, and the second time you will have to turn it on by yourself. Once you do this it will be much faster and work a lot more efficiently.

  23. ah i have a blackberry!!!!!! iphones definitely seem cool, but I would get irritated with the touch screen! im so impatient with those things!! but DEF get all the cool apps- those look fun!

  24. The apps I use the most are Twitter, Hipstamatic (more fun way to take pictures on the phone), Pandora, AroundMe (I use this one ALL the time), and a Whitenoise app (which comes in handy when I travel).

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