Happy Halloween


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Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is enjoying the “holiday” and that you’re doing a little something to participate in Monday’s candyfest.

Target shelves of candy and pumpkin candy baskets

Or maybe you did something to celebrate over the weekend.

Skylar has a Halloween party at her school on Monday and then we have trick-or-treating in the evening.  I am sure the little Princess will be wired but tired when it’s all over, but for now, she’s really excited to get into that Princess costume.  And has requested pink eyeshadow and glitter, too.  She’s really looking forward to getting all dolled up Princess’ed up.

Over the weekend we enjoyed the sunny skies and amazing weather.  Mid 70s on Saturday and low 80s on Sunday; unseasonably warm even for San Diego, but I am not complaining.  Growing up in Minnesota, I am all too familiar with Halloween Blizzards where I didn’t even get to trick or treat, or had to wear a huge down coat over my costume.

Palm Trees and sky

We went to a local park as a family and met up with some friends and their kids on Saturday.  It was great being outside in the fresh air and chatting and watching the kids play.

Landscape of park with sun looking over the horizon

I also took my scuzzy ride through the car wash.

view from front of car during drive through car wash, blue yellow and red wipersWater falling over front of car

And I spent time in the kitchen working on a recipe.  It involved my new donut pan.

Donuts baked inside donut pan

I finally broke it in.

Vanilla Donuts baked inside donut panAnd then I made a glaze that I wanted to bathe in.   Pictures and recipe someday soon.

In the meantime, there’s Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies to enjoy.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies stackedThanks for chiming in with your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes and fave type of cookies; those were fun to read.  This and this made me happier than the cookies themselves, truth be told.

For anyone who has leftover candy corn or isn’t quite sure what to do with it other than just eating it as is, I recommend making homemade Butterfinger Bars with it.

Butterfinger Bars with candy corn scattered and chocolate top layer3 ingredients + 3 minutes = Butterfingers at home and they taste freakishly close to the real thing

The winner of the Sunglasses Giveaway is:

Lisa @ Fit in the Midwest October 28, 2011 at 3:44 pm

“I like the 850 BTB ones!”

Congrats, Lisa!


1. What are you doing for Halloween?  Did you do anything Halloween related over the weekend?  Are you going out tonight or staying home and passing out candy?

Do tell.

2. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Being with my family was the best thing.

And these were the best food.  Tied with the donuts I made.

If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend here are mine since Friday:

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Happy Halloween!  Be safe and have fun!

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  1. Boo to Halloween blizzards…we got one in New England. Over a foot of snow! Halloween (and school for the wee ones, not me) is postponed til Thursday.

  2. Neat car wash pics, sounds like a good Halloween.

    1. Not much, just handing out candy after work.
    2. Relaxed spent time with hubby. Exciting, I know. But next weekend will be packed in SF.