Happy Halloween


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Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is enjoying the “holiday” and that you’re doing a little something to participate in Monday’s candyfest.

Target shelves of candy and pumpkin candy baskets

Or maybe you did something to celebrate over the weekend.

Skylar has a Halloween party at her school on Monday and then we have trick-or-treating in the evening.  I am sure the little Princess will be wired but tired when it’s all over, but for now, she’s really excited to get into that Princess costume.  And has requested pink eyeshadow and glitter, too.  She’s really looking forward to getting all dolled up Princess’ed up.

Over the weekend we enjoyed the sunny skies and amazing weather.  Mid 70s on Saturday and low 80s on Sunday; unseasonably warm even for San Diego, but I am not complaining.  Growing up in Minnesota, I am all too familiar with Halloween Blizzards where I didn’t even get to trick or treat, or had to wear a huge down coat over my costume.

Palm Trees and sky

We went to a local park as a family and met up with some friends and their kids on Saturday.  It was great being outside in the fresh air and chatting and watching the kids play.

Landscape of park with sun looking over the horizon

I also took my scuzzy ride through the car wash.

view from front of car during drive through car wash, blue yellow and red wipersWater falling over front of car

And I spent time in the kitchen working on a recipe.  It involved my new donut pan.

Donuts baked inside donut pan

I finally broke it in.

Vanilla Donuts baked inside donut panAnd then I made a glaze that I wanted to bathe in.   Pictures and recipe someday soon.

In the meantime, there’s Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies to enjoy.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies stackedThanks for chiming in with your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes and fave type of cookies; those were fun to read.  This and this made me happier than the cookies themselves, truth be told.

For anyone who has leftover candy corn or isn’t quite sure what to do with it other than just eating it as is, I recommend making homemade Butterfinger Bars with it.

Butterfinger Bars with candy corn scattered and chocolate top layer3 ingredients + 3 minutes = Butterfingers at home and they taste freakishly close to the real thing

The winner of the Sunglasses Giveaway is:

Lisa @ Fit in the Midwest October 28, 2011 at 3:44 pm

“I like the 850 BTB ones!”

Congrats, Lisa!


1. What are you doing for Halloween?  Did you do anything Halloween related over the weekend?  Are you going out tonight or staying home and passing out candy?

Do tell.

2. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Being with my family was the best thing.

And these were the best food.  Tied with the donuts I made.

If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend here are mine since Friday:

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Happy Halloween!  Be safe and have fun!

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  1. Boo to Halloween blizzards…we got one in New England. Over a foot of snow! Halloween (and school for the wee ones, not me) is postponed til Thursday.

  2. Neat car wash pics, sounds like a good Halloween.

    1. Not much, just handing out candy after work.
    2. Relaxed spent time with hubby. Exciting, I know. But next weekend will be packed in SF.

  3. It just stopped snowing here! Jealous of your blue skies!
    We’re having a party with close friends–dressing up, should be fun! Are you going to show princess Skylar? I haven’t seen many pics of her on here recently…

  4. Oooooh donuts!!!! Awesome!!!

    I dressed up on Saturday and went out for a bit, and then dressed up again today for a Halloween party my my kiddies.

  5. I had a fun-filled weekend with friends and family!! I dressed up as Black Swan.
    I hope you and Skylar have an amazing night! Happy Halloween!

  6. I’m still scarred from having to wear a turtleneck under my princess costume when I was a kid.
    We are going to my cousins for a get-together and I still need to find something to wear so I’m semi- dressed up. :)

    1. me and you, both MN girls, yes…turtlenecks AND coats or buying your costume 3 sizes too big so you could get your coat underneath it and rig it up that way…the things we did!

  7. My niece and nephew came over yesterday and we made your butterfinger bars. That’s crazy how much they actually do taste like Butterfingers! All gobbled up.

    Tonight I’m going with them to trick or treat. In Oregon we definitely have to make sure all costumes have well packed bodies underneath. Lots of clothes to keep out the cold, and always raincoats somewhere near by in case of a downpour! Thankfully it looks like the forecast doesn’t predict rain tonight. Score!

  8. awwww I bet your little Princess looks adorable! I’ll probably be taking a couple girls trick or treating tonight. I had my friend time on the weekend :)

    Best thing I ate? Black bean & butternut squash burritos for dinner one night, Chickpea A La King another night. My man loved both. I also have a new favourite dessert recipe coming soon… :)

    1. on and per your post today, my undergrad and grad work was in psych. Glad you found your calling!

  9. Thanks for the fantastic make your own Butterfinger candy idea. I used up leftover candy and probably eyeballed more PB than your recipe but they are awesome! Yum. Can’t wait to scoop up clearance priced candy corn tomorrow and freeze it to make these again.

    1. glad you enjoyed them.

      and you probably don’t even need to freeze candy corn. If you don’t open the sealed bag (or just store it in a ziplock after opening), it’s the type of thing that will keep….til next year’s Halloween season :) Just a guess of course though.

      But glad you liked them!

  10. Happy Halloween Boo-tiful ;)

    I hope your family has a beautiful evening of trick or treating!! We’ll be heading to my mom and dads to have some dinner and hand out candy! YAY!! We also eat a lot of candy too…lol


  11. i just voted!

    the best part of my weekend was simply relaxing with my husband after a few CRAZY weeks. we made pizzas, drank wine, laid on the couch and watched football. i didn’t get in much exercise or many chores… but that’s ok! there’s always time for that.

  12. I will be passing out Beanitos to all the kids today… and a bunch of other healthy treats. Should be good times! I haven’t taken my car through the wash in ages. I really need to do that. Also, need to make some doughnuts. Thanks for the reminder :)

  13. Right back at ya, instagram friend! :)

    We’re handing out candy tonight during the twilight hours for our adorable, tiny neighbors. Then I’m headed to girls’ night complete with pot pie and Monday Night Football. The gentlemen of The Lane are pulling a TV out and watching the game by the fire pit.

    Best thing I did this weekend – stayed up past 4am on Saturday night. See? I’m not getting old!

  14. Wow! I am so envious of your weather! It has been cloudy and overcast with rain here in Van-city. We did not do ANYTHING for Halloween over the weekend, and most likely will not do anything tonight. We live in an apartment, so there won’t even be trick or treaters. Boo. I wish you well with your little princess! Can’t wait for the recipe!!

  15. I’ll be passing out the goodies. Already have treat bags filled with chocolates, skull rings and plastic eyeballs.

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Happy Halloween, Averie! I hope you and Skylar have a fabulous day :D (oh, and Scott! Sorry, didn’t mean to leave him out :P )

    I cannot wait to see what you made with donut pan. I have been dying to buy one because, well, how cool are things shaped like giant cheerios?

  17. Hubby and I spent the entire weekend working and we have to work tonight, so no fun halloween activities for us this year. But we found a little time Friday night to go out to dinner together and I made sure to squeeze in some baking and cooking this weekend! I made gluten-free pumpkin spice bread, gluten-free multi-grain rolls, homemade chai concentrate, gluten-free vegan apple cobbler and a delicious salad with shaved fennel, arugula, red onions and oranges. I love weekends where I can cook.
    BTW that donut pan is probably the cutest thing ever.

  18. No Halloween plans really. I did take the day off as a reward for my race, but it wasn’t because it was Halloween. Hope Skylar has a ball tonight!

  19. We have Wizard of Oz rehearsal tonight. It’s our second dress rehearsal, so everyone will be in COSTUME! Kinda fun!

  20. Sounds like you have a fun night planned! I went out over the weekend to a big dance party, dressed as Rose Nylund; my boyfriend was an awesome sport and went as Dorothy (both from the Golden Girls). We had wigs and thrift store dresses. Tonight I’ve got a big bag of “peanut butter lovers” candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters, can’t wait!

  21. The best thing was meeting my new niece!! Obviously. ;)

    And the grilled veggie and steak dinner I made was pretty good too. (My dad grilled the steak. I don’t know how to do that.)

  22. I did NOTHING for Halloween this weekend and I couldn’t be happier. It snowed in NYC. I decided to sit in my apartment and watch movies and eat candy instead of going to an overcrowded bar in a freezing cold, itchy costume. I’m lame, I know ;)

  23. Ohh have fun trick or treating with Skylar! I don’t have plans for tonight, but I went out all weekend in costumes and saw paranormal activity 3 last night! It was such a great weekend, it’s gonna be tough getting back into the swing of things for sure!

  24. She is going to look adorable in her costume!! I hope you guys have a great time trick or treating :) The weather is beautiful there! IT’s been super rainy here

  25. Luckily there’s no snow here yet… it’s in the 40*F’s, which is still WAY too cold for my standards, but at least I can wait a little longer before dealing with the snow. Glad Skylar can enjoy being a Princess without the puffy down jacket and snow boots. ;) Hope you guys have fun tonight!

  26. happy hallowe’en, averie! have fun with the trick-or-treating. i remember, too, how disappointing it would be on rainy or cold evenings when we had to wear a coat – although my mom was pretty creative about finding something warm to put UNDER my costume.
    i still think hallowe’en is so much fun. the creative costumes (on adults!) that you see out there just make me laugh. i think it’s great.
    i am working tonight – ok, since i can’t give out candy living in a condo anyway!
    enjoy skylar’s excitement and joy today!

  27. Happy Halloween! I hope Skylar has a great time trick-or-treating tonight.

    I remember the times when it was so cold that coats were required for trick-or-treating. I was NOT a happy camper when my Southern Belle costume had to be covered up by a coat, haha.

  28. Sadly, Halloween isn’t a widely celebrated thing here in Australia – I would love to experience a full blown US Halloween, it looks like so much fun! I did have some chocolate bars on hand in case I got any trick or treaters, but no one came :( Oh well, lots of chocolate for me (Oh, darn)

    Best thing I did over the weekend was an island getaway with my little family – we went to a reggae music festival and ate so much amazing food – fresh tropical fruits, jamaican coconut curry, mango gelati, pina coladas, it was amazing! Over so quickly though, back to reality today.

    Hope you and your family have a fun Halloween – hope the sugar crash isn’t too bad :)

    1. An island getaway “reggae music festival and ate so much amazing food – fresh tropical fruits, jamaican coconut curry, mango gelati, pina coladas” <-- can I come with next time? :)