Health & Beauty Mall Trip

Today I went to the mall and it was bing, bang, boom, and I knocked out my quickie errands.

They just happen to be health & beauty related.


Go to the MAC StoreNot the computer store. I just got one of those.  I’m good for many years, I hope, on the computer front.

But I did need to restock some makeup essentials: Studio Fix Pressed Powder (NC 43), Boot Black liquid eyeliner, Pink Freeze Eyeshadow, and lipglass in Prrr.

I’ve previously mentioned my love of Mac.


And Prrr


A couple doors down, I went into Kiehl’s and picked up a tub of Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak

I used to use this conditioner all the time, but forgot about it.  I brought a half-used jar down to Aruba on vacation and was reminded how much I love the stuff so picked up a fresh jar.  If you don’t have really dry hair, or coarse/thick hair, skip this product.

I still love my Enjoy! and talked about all my hair care products here.

There were lots of hair products I reviewed in that post.


I hit up Sephora right after Kiehl’s and got a new set of tweezers.  

I admit, I am an eyebrow tweeze-aholic.

I recently dropped my uber fine-tip pointed tweezers rendering them pretty much useless because the tip got bent so these came just in the nick of time.  You don’t want to see a unibrow or anything, right?

They sold 1 pair for $22 or 2 pair for $25.  I got the two pair even though I am not a slant-tip girl, but hey, I figure they may come in handy some day.

And so there you have it, bing, bang, boom. I was in and out of the mall, and parked, on a Friday afternoon in the summer, in 40 minutes flat.   I love efficiency!

Prior to even going to the mall, I stopped at the bank.  I love being debt free and saving money, too.  It felt great to make a sizable contribution to my savings plan before I even went to the mall.  And no, I could have gone to the mall with my savings in my wallet and the money wouldn’t have burned a hole in my wallet.  It was ear-marked for savings, period.

Now that 2011 is halfway over, I am proud to say that my 2011 Intentions and Goals as they pertain to finances are on track!

From my last post and there being A First Time for Everything, thanks for filling me in on any firsts you’ve had recently.

For anyone who had a question regarding Windows Live Writer, using it, how it interfaces with a Mac, if it was difficult to set up, etc.  I answered those questions in the comment field so if you’re curious, go check out my answers.

The short answer is that I am quite speedy blogging from WordPress’ platform with my new Mac and I really don’t see the benefit, for me, in using WLW.  It seems like it’s lots of extra effort and really, I don’t find the features that it offers that “amazing” in order to justify using it or spending lots of time in the learning curve process.  My opinions only, of course. I know some people adore it, and that’s awesome.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And for me, what I am doing now isn’t broke so I plan to just keep on the way I have been which is just using WP.  Glad I tried WLW though.  Never know til you try and I may try tinkering around with it again in the future, too.

For now I’d like to tinker with a  Vegan Gluten Free Banana Nut Muffin


1. What was the last thing beauty product you bought?

2. Any health and beauty, hair, makeup, skincare or similar products you are in love with lately?

I discussed many of my hair products here

Makeup here and here

3. Weekend plans?

I am working, spending time with the fam, hopefully enjoying some nice weather (but it’s been overcast and June Gloomy the past few days) and I’d like to create some goodies in the kitchen.

Sneak Peak at something I created and it’s amazing:

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, i.e. Nutella + Peanut Butter

Enjoy your weekend!


53 comments on “Health & Beauty Mall Trip”

  1. last beauty product i bought was black liquid eyeliner by maybelline..i’m a drugstore/minimalist makeup kinda gal. i love kiehl’s products! so lush!

  2. I love make-up too and my latest obsession is Dior Addict Lip Polish. And I can’t live without Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer!

  3. I loooove those Tweezerman tweezers. Sounds kinda gross, but they’re the best for ingrown hairs. Sorry if that’s TMI, haha :)

    Last beauty product I bought was (I think?) Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. Love it!! I’m the kind of person that just sticks with the same products over and over, so it’s rare that I try totally new stuff!

  4. I love knocking out errands, got 4 done in a row yesterday. Nice cosmetics haul. Except for the Clarisonic replacement brushes, most of my hair care products and makeup come from Target. :-P

    I kind of feel the same way about WLW, I have a fast process down using Paint.NET and the WP web interface for posting and WLW seemed to complicate that for me.

    1. Face soap from Target.
    2. Olay Definity foundation, the builtin sunblock seems to work great and it’s not greasy. And BioSilk for when I flat iron my hair.
    3. Another trip to Ikea and hopefully finishing our new office – can’t wait!

  5. I love morrocan oil hair oil to help fight the wild frizz monster that takes over my head in this summer heat and humidity! and Hempz makes just about the best body lotion everr!
    Lately I’ve been loving coconut oil as a hair mask and body mosturizer too :)

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  7. I love MAC colors, lip products & pigments and also they are cruelty free!! ;)

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  9. Love health & beauty runs!
    Love my Mineral Fusion compact & have been flirting with some “natural” mascaras.
    I basically live off my compact & lipstick.

  10. I bought a lipstick from MAC recently. Actually it was the first mac product I’ve ever purchased, and I’m in love with it! I don’t know what took me so long to buy their products.

    I’ve been obsessed with a mineral bronzer I bought lately. I almost feel as though it made the blemishes on my skin even better! if thats possible…

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  12. Shopping, budgeting and savings. Wow! Way to stay on track :)

    New shampoo & conditioner by Prairie Naturals. First time I’ve tried them and I am glad I did.

  13. Those are fun kind of errands!! I love getting new beauty products!!

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  15. looove this haul.. your mac collection is seriously killer!

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