I had a little trip to the mall over the weekend.  I went back to my favorite mall.

Neiman-Marcus SignIt’s dangerous that I can be there in five minutes.

I was out of a couple Mac makeup items and needed to replenish.

Storefront of MAC Cosmetics

I picked up some studio fix powder, a new-to-me mineralized loose powder (not sure if I love this yet), and picked up some staples: pink freeze eyeshadow, bootblack liquid eyeliner…

Bag of MAC Cosmetic Products

…and lipglass in “Prrr” that I’ve previously professed my love for.

Mac Lipgloss

As long as I was already at the mall, I reloaded on a couple of my favorite bodysprays, too.  It would have been a shame to go “all the way there” and not go into B&BW, right?

Bath & Body Works Body Sprays

After my shopping, it was time to think about food.

Like Raw Vegan Cucumber Wraps

Raw Vegan Cucumber Wraps in container

With Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing

Creamy Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing in white dish

And after that, my thoughts drifted to a one-pot meal.

Like Curried Ginger and Raisin Lentils

Curried Ginger and Raisin Lentils in pot

The whole meals is done and ready in about 20 minutes.

Plated Curried Ginger and Raisin Lentils

Or maybe salsa is where it’s at after some time spent shopping.

Try the Salsa & Bean Cheezy Bake

Salsa & Bean Cheezy Bake in foil lined pan

One roasting pan, easy cleanup, planned leftovers.

Plated Salsa & Bean Cheezy Bake

Or maybe just skip the meals, and head straight for the No-Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites from my last post.

No-Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites

Thanks for all the compliments everyone on both the recipe and my photos.  I am really trying to take prettier pictures and pay attention to the little details so thanks for noticing.

And thanks for letting me know what you’d like to see me put into a future dessert ball or bite.  Great suggestions!

Dessert:  If you’re not into No-Bake White Chocolate and Mango Bites, maybe you could get into No-Bake Creme de Menthe Bars (Vegan, GF).

Close up of one No-Bake Creme de Menthe BarFeel free to add a couple drops of green food coloring to the white center layer for the spirit of St. Patty’s Day!


1. When was your last trip to the mall?  Or to Target, the grocery store, or any retail store?  What did you buy?

You saw what I bought on my trip to the mall.  Some makeup and body spray.

My last trip to the grocery store.  Well, among lots of fruits and veggies, it also included the mango that I used in the White Chocolate & Mango BitesOh and coffee.  I’d be a horrible shopper if I forgot my coffee.

2. Are you doing anything to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17?

I will say that no, I am not doing anything special.  I have to work and be a mommy so this year, I won’t be drinking any green beer or anything.  Oh darn.

However, when I used to live in Chicago, they used to dye the Chicago River green and with all the Irish people in Chicago, it was pretty much a weeklong party.  Good memories!

Chicago River dyed Greensource

Any St. Patty’s Day Plans? Or stories from previous years?


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