Highlights of the Week, a New Gym & Workout Routines, Fave Books & Magazines

How’s Your Weekend been going so far?  I’ve had a nice weekend hanging out with Scott and Skylar, we’ve gotten in some nice family walks, I’ve hit the gym and lifted, a lot.   And yes, I am sore but that means progress is happening!  I’ve done yoga, and best of all, as I mentioned I hoped to be doing, I’ve gotten in some pool time and magazine reading!

The Weather has been nice here, low 80s and sunny except of course for that overcast 90 minutes that coincided perfectly when I was outside trying to work on my tan.  

In an effort to live up to My Goals of Less Computer Time, I am going to keep this Highlights of the Week As Short as Possible!  

Click on the Title of the Post if you want to read the Disscussion and Comments from the Topics that day.  And, I am simply dropping in the life & recipe highlights without much commentary.

If you Missed Last Week’s Highlights of the Week Post, Click Here to Check it Out.

Monday: Trainer Session, Fitness Competition, Vegan Horseradish Relish Slaw Dressing, Words To Live By 

Easter Bunny & Basket Pics

This basket was sent to her from a relative

Complete with enough HFCS-laden Candy to choke Barney

She chose to read her new books and hasn’t had any of the candy.  She Didn’t ask and by now, it’s outta sight, outta mind.  If she would have or does ask, I will give her some. 

I Made a Big Announcement!
I’ve decided to attempt to train for Fitness Competitions!   I’ll see how I look in a few weeks or months and see if this is something that’s do-able for me or not.  I could get up on Stage today and not be laughed off, but I really want to hold my own and give it my best effort! 

Shared my Life’s Motto and Asked What Words You Live By

I’m not playing around and am using the approach for my Training like I do Everything Else in My Life:

Go All Out, Give it 110% Every Day, Every Time, Do Not Quit, Do Not Take No for an Answer, Do Not Stop when the Going Gets Tough, Perseverance, Dedication, Discipline, Sacrifice, Heart And Soul Are All In.  Go Big or Go Home.  Pretty much a total ballbuster approach.  I don’t know how to do anything in life halfway.  Do you? And after I have done that, given it my all, if it doesn’t work out, I can stop knowing that I tried my absolute best.  This is how I am with everything and this is where my yoga guides me:  Finding the perfect balance between strength and surrender. 

Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing

Stir to Combine and Dip Your Veggies in It or use as a Salad Dressing!

I love the spicy bite of the horseradish and the crunchy and sweet pickle relish with my raw Veggies

I’ve been dipping Sugar Snap Peas, Brock, and Cauliflower from my Shopping Trip into the Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing and have been clearing my sinuses with every delicious bite.

Move Over Mustard!

After all the horseradish it was time to cool the fire down with some Peppermint Chia Seed Pudding

I haven’t made my “Holiday” Peppermint Chia Seed Pudding since the Holidays and it was great now that the weather is getting warmer, because the coolness of the peppermint hit the spot!

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

My Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate Is Super Fast to Make and in About 5 Minutes, you Can Munch on Chocolate til your Heart’s Content! 

Tuesday: Gym Session, Blogger Meetup, Intuitive Eating & Choosing Healthy FoodsDoes it come natural or easy to you?  Do you eat Intuitively?

 Me & Skylar

Chinese Five Spice Coconut Oil Popcorn


 Perfect with the laundry list of Other Toppings I’ve been smothering my kernels in!

Wednesday: Vegan Protein: FAQs, Sources Of, Weight Training & Exercise as a Vegan, Chocolate Vanilla Coffee Protein Shake
Many of you have been asking me what I am doing for (raw vegan) protein now that I am training for fitness competitions?  And in general, Vegans are Always asked, So Where Do you Get your Protein? I covered it all in my Vegan Protein Post!

Including Handy Charts 

Protein in Fresh Vegetables (cooked)
Asparagus5 spears2
Beans, string1 cup2
Beets1/2 cup1
Broccoli1/2 cup2
Brussels Sprouts1/2 cup2
Cabbage1/2 cup1
Carrot1/2 cup1
Cauliflower1/2 cup1
Celeriac1 cup1
Celery1 cup1
Chard, Swiss1 cup3
Chayote1 cup1
Chives1 tablespoon0.10
Collards1 cup4
Corn, Sweet1 large cob5
Cucumber1 cup1
Eggplant1 cup1
Fennel1 medium bulb3
Jerusalem Artichoke1 cup3
Kale1 cup2.5
Kohlrabi1 cup3
Leeks1 cup1
Lettuce1 cup1
Okra1/2 cup1
Onion1/2 cup1
Parsnip1/2 cup1
Peas1/2 cup4
Peppers, bell1/2 cup1
Potato, baked with skin2 1/3 x 4 3/4″5
Potato, boiled with skin1/2 cup1
Radish1 cup1
Rhubarb1 cup1
Rutabaga1 cup2
Spinach1 cup1
Squash, Summer1 cup2
Squash, Winter1 cup2
Sweet Potato1 cup3
Tomato1 medium1
Turnip1 cup1

And Fruits

Protein in Fruits (raw)
Apple2 per lb.0
Banana11 to 2
Casaba Meloncup2
Date(pitted)1/4 cup1
Durian1 cup4
Jujube, dried1 oz.1
Prickly Pearmed.1
Star Fruitcup1

These are just a couple of Samples of All the Charts & Great Info on the Site.  

Another great source of plant-based protein is Nooch! What is it? 

See this Post for what it is and 11 Recipes: Nutritional Yeast (Nooch) Info & Recipes

Raw Vegan Protein Powder: Sun Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder in Chocolate (The Vanilla is fine, but I prefer chocolate to vanilla, my protein is no exception)
80 calories and 15 g of protein per scoop in Chocolate.  Vegan, Raw, Gluten & Soy Free, Perfect for me.

Note:I order all my protein, Sun Warrior Brown Rice in Chocolate is my #1 Protein and **I get it from iHerb.com and if you use my code: AVE630 you can save $5 off your First Order!**

I make Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats with it
With additional Tips Here

18 Hours later, here’s what the overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats looked like

 My Raw Vegan Protein Cookie Dough Recipe  Of course, hats off to April for gracing us all with her creativity and her Original Recipe for Protein Cookie Dough

I still love my My High Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls  but when I am in need of extra protein, I’ve got Raw Vegan Protein Cookie Dough, too.

I make my No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars with Sun Warrior
No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Protein Bars recipe photo  
And for those of you who aren’t big on Coconut Oil or don’t have it, you can make these bars without coconut oil:  No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Click Here for The Recipe

The addition of the coconut oil makes them solidify and hold together just a little better which is great but if you don’t have a coconut oil, don’t let that stop you from making these!

Averie’s Chocolate Vanilla Coffee Protein Shake

Green Food was Kale, Tomatoes, Cukes
Simple is best for me!  I let the dressing (which has apple cider vinegar in it which wilts and softens the greens) sit for about 10 minutes before I eat it and it’s perfect!

Dressed with my latest dressing creation: Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing

Also Reminder-Did you See my Post on Plant-Based CalciumDairy FAQ’s, Calcium, Myths, RecipesIt seems that the Protein and Calcium Discussions go Hand in Hand.


Kale is a great source of calcium and also a nice protein source according to the above charts!

Thursday: Winner of the Cuisinart Food Processor Give Away!!!

….Click Here to Find Out who the Lucky Winner Is!

Thursday: Officially a Yoga 500 Hour Teacher, Sports Bra Review, Trainer Session Info, Goals

So I’m Official!!!  I now have my 500 Hours and am registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level! 

This has been a decade in the making of daily practice, commitment to yoga, and to teaching yoga and inspiring others.  I am so proud I finally have this milestone that I can check off my list! 

If anyone missed my mega Yoga FAQ Post and you’re curious what this means or what you should be looking for in a teacher, I covered it there.

Sports Bra Review

Snacks & Desserts

Nice Stats, Vegan, and Gluten/Soy Free but…

So Dry, More Water Mommy!

But in the End, Seemed to Enjoy the Heart Thrive.  Some flavors are much more dry than others, dated seemed very dry whereas apricot was not nearly as dry.


Coconut Oil & Five Spice Popcorn

Friday: Chocolate Review, Service Appointment Woes, Handling Protein

Skylar wanted Fresh Strawberries

Back to that Intuitively Choosing Fresh and Healthy over Processed.  Trust in our biology, trust in nature, trust in the power of choice.   That Intuitive Eating thing again.

Green Food has been Tons of Kale Salads for me lately.  My body must want all the Plant-Based Calcium and Protein in it.  This one was Kale, Cauli, Tomatoes and Cukes.

I just flood it Dress My Kale Salads with Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing

As I said I Am an Over-Dresser and Excessive Condiments UserThere are worse things.

For Dessert I had made a batch of  Raw Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Donut Holes

If you have Flax Seeds and don’t know what to do with them, My Donut Hole Recipes all use Flax Seeds!

5 minute, 3 Ingredient No-Bake Vegan Maple Flaxseed Cookies


Pumpkin Pie Spice Coconut Oil Popcorn

Saturday I realized that not only do I have a free gym membership at the gym where I teach yoga, but that in my own planned community, there is a beautiful community center and workout facility with a gym that’s nearly always empty!   Score!!!!

When I bought the house, yoga was the only thing on my mind so I tuned the gym and weights out.

But today on Saturday on the way to the pool, I remembered it exists!  

Clearly confused about what my camera is doing but felt the need for a gratuitous ab shot as I was goofing around.  I had already gotten my real workout of the day in.

Yoga Today is Floating Marichyasana A

Gym & Weights Workout Today:
Saturday I went to the Gym where I teach Yoga and Busted A Hump! 

Since you told me you were curious to see what I’m doing at the gym, here was my  

Upper Body Workout that I did Saturday Morning which turned more Full Body Workout
I did 3 sets of 15 Reps Each:
Flat DB Press on Ball
Seated DB Press
Incline Flies
Lat Raises
Barbell Curls
Bent Over Rear Delt Raises
Dips on Bench
Wide Pull Ups on Machine
(I did 45 with 8 lbs of help but my goal is no help!)

Chin Ups on Machine (I did 45 with 8 lbs of help but my goal is no help!)
Seated Row Machine
Tricep Pushdown Machine

Abs: Incline Bench Crunches & Hanging from a Machine and Pulling my knees/legs upwards (sorry this is not more technical but it was sure challenging!)
Legs: Weighted Lunges (pulse)
After  that I went for a 3 mile outdoor hill run.  It’s key for me to keep up my cardio, I need it for my mental sanity!
And I always do 20-30 mins of yoga stretching, abs/crunches, daily.  I did this before I was training for fitness competitions, too.
I don’t want to bore you all with it, but since you asked for the details there you go.

Sunday I went to the Community Center Gym and Did Legs and Abs
I did 3 sets of 15 Reps Each:

Leg Press with feet high and wide
Leg Press with feet low and narrow
Laying on Floor with Feet up on Ball-Pelvic Raises Supersetted with Standing Hip Abduction while holding weights

Side Lunges while holding weights supersetted with Calf Raises on the edge of a Step
Adduction Machine
Abductor Machine
Crunches on a Ball
Squats with a barbell across my back 
Hanging in a Pull Up Position from a bar while Lifting Legs Up
Hanging in a Chin Up Position from a bar Lifting Legs Up
For anyone who doesn’t want to read all about my routines, I hear ya and am only posting it because some of my homegirls like April, Janetha, Naomi, Susan, Jessica, and others have said they wanna know!
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Romance Bar

Thanks Chocomize!!!
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1. What’s the Best Thing You’ve Done or Ate So Far This Weekend?

Me= Poolside lounging and Time with My Family!  Food….hmmm, lots of cauliflower, kale, and broccoli.  Not exciting, but I sure love it!

2. Do You Ever Forget About Something and When You Remember It, you’re Super Excited and can’t believe you ever forgot about it?
That happened to me with the free gym membership that’s practically right outside my front door.  
It also happens with food.  Most recently, with Mustard of all things! 

Remember the mustard all over crackers?  I have repeated that.  Many times.

What Have You Forgotten About But Recently Remembered?

3. Any Favorite Books or Magazines that You’ve Been Loving Lately?
I am enjoying the new fitness magazines but admittedly, they get very relayed and parlayed month after month.  

Do you Subscribe to Any?  I have let so many subscriptions lapse because I don’t really get to them now that food/fitness blogs have come into my life, but you save so much money by subscribing which is great…if I read ’em!
I am open to picking up and reading any books or magazines, from food to fitness to holistic living to gossip/mindless rags!  haha!  Throw Your Faves At Me!
Stay Tuned For A New Goal I Am Embarking On & Some Yummy New Recipes…

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